Today on the Dish we focussed on Obama's historic speech, which you can read for yourself here. We composed a foreign reax here and a domestic reax here and here. Readers sounded off here, here, and here. Goldblog dropped his jaw here, Ambers had a brilliant take here, and I gave it my best shot here.

We continued to post heart-wrenching testimonials on abortion; one reader questioned whether men should have a say in the first place; another claimed hypocrisy on serial abortions; another recalled his experience as a gay father with a surrogate couple; another informed us on ectopic pregnancies; and another shared one of the most emotional stories we've published yet. We then posted some data showing just how rare late-term abortions really are.

To lighten the emotional load, we brought you an astonishing view of the Canary Islands, exposed the pornographic taste of one poor chump, and showed you just how gay the Jonas brothers really are.

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