Today on the Dish we saw the results of some big elections around the world; Lebanese voters hindered Hizbollah, Ahmadinejad's prospects appeared to dwindle, and Britain for the first time sent neo-fascists to the European Parliament. The other big news from abroad was the imprisonment of two American journalists by the torture-prone North Koreans.

Also on the topic of torture, Boumediene spoke out against his abusers, war correspondent Ware pwned speechwriter Thiessen, John Cole asked if we should "EIT" Tiller's killer for info, and Hilzoy wondered if the torture crowd would also detain Christianists. In other news, Senator Shelby blamed Obama for the Bush bailout, Alaskan Republicans refused to drink Palin's Kool-Aid, and a gay, black, veteran from West Point is running for Congress. In bloggy news, everyone - except Professional Pundit Jonah Goldberg - thinks Ed Whelan was wrong to expose an anonymous blogger.

We continued our series on late-term abortion with two more installments, posted here and here. Also, a reader shared his difficulties with coming out of the closet, sparking an epiphany in another reader.

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