In Iranian election news, Ahmadinejad appeared to be ahead, but we saw hopeful signs of democracy here, here, and here. In domestic news, we examined the healthcare bill that leaked over the weekend, heard that Murdoch might be selling the Weekly Standard, and got a glimpse of the recession from a small town in Georgia.

As the NYT perpetuated the gay closet, we continued to post reader perspectives on coming out. We also drew parallels with the forbidden love of an Orthodox Jew.  Adam Lambert finally confirmed what we all suspected, and we wondered if the Republican coup in New York might kill the marriage bill.

In bloggy news, Whelan fully apologized, and HotAir tried to pin a double standard on Andrew regarding anonymity. Shelby Steele and Heather Mac Donald were the latest pundits to take on Sotomayor, while readers pounced on Andrew's own critical take. Ross jumped into the late-term abortion debate, and we published another testimonial from a Dish reader.


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