The Changing Of Minds On Abortion

A reader writes:

The posts from real women who have had to ponder and in some cases have late-term abortions has really changed my thinking.  It may be the early term abortions that are most morally problematic, not the late term ones that arise under the most excruciating of circumstances.  My own feeling is that our moral duty is to agonize and struggle over the serious choices we make, not always to make the usually unknowable "right" choice.  By this standard, the women you have posted have more than done their duty.  I would not want to second guess them.

Thank you for posting these messages, and especially thanks to the people who wrote them and were willing to have them posted.  Just as gays coming out and being known destigmatizes you and them, getting these abortion stories out takes away the cartoon quality of the whole abortion debate.  There just is very little black and white in the world and loads of gray.

My feelings entirely.