The NYT's Lede blog is still doing an excellent job highlighting the latest developments from Iran. It points to this dispatch from Tehran Bureau by an anonymous writer in Isfahan:

Not only did they steal the vote but they are rubbing it in our faces, Ahmadinejad is holding “Thank You Ceremonies”!!! all over the country, they are giving away ice cream and cakes…Isfahan is almost quiet today, but in Tehran & Ahwaz unrest continues, the people have devised a clever method of hit & run, although I am against destruction and anarchy, but that’s the only way left to voice an opposition. The protests have become localized, in the neighborhoods small contingents of protestors gather, chant, throw stones and before the police can react they retreat to their houses only to emerge when the police is gone. In response security forces have deployed thousands of motor riding forces, one drives the other one slings his club right & left, a sort of quick response task force. Today I witnessed a motorcade of at least 30 of such odd couples!!!!

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