The NYT reports:

We are hearing reports from Iran that text-messaging has been blocked in the country ... The sudden text outage seems like a clear attempt to disrupt this networking by the opposition.

Interesting. A reader also notes:

A vote for Moussavi with the number "4" could be easily changed to a vote for Ahmadinejad, by adding two more fours after it, changing it to "444". Likewise, a vote for Moussavi of "777" could easily be changed to a vote for Ahmadinejad by adding a triangle to the top of each of the sevens, turning them into slanted fours. Look at a hand-written seven -- it's the bottom half of a four.

Without seeing a ballot, I can't judge this. But it's unsettling. The results are still incomplete, so we should reserve judgment. But if this election is brazenly stolen, the regime could suffer a crisis of legitimacy even greater than it faced before.

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