Shutting Down The Press

Via Nico, The NYT reports:

Reporters Without Borders said that security services had moved into some newspaper offices to censor content and that four pro-reform newspapers have been closed or prevented from criticizing the official election results. The result was a dearth of initial photographs and video of Tuesday's enormous opposition protest, which began on Valiasr Street, a major thoroughfare, and headed north. The tens of thousands of marchers -- perhaps more -- gathered without the help of text messaging or cell phone service, relying on word of mouth and internet social media platforms such as Twitter.

Joe Strupp gets a quote from Executive Editor Bill Keller of The New York Times, who is reporting from Iran. His visa expires tomorrow:

some reporters have contemplated overstaying their visas, trying to work under the radar. even if you manage to elude the authorities, though, you create real dangers for all the iranians you would need to hide you, translate for you, get you around and help you get the story out.