A reader passes on a report from an Israeli journalist just back from Iran:

There was gunfire at the big pro-Mousavi demonstration.  It is unclear where the gunfire is coming from, possibly from one of the armed militias.

An Israeli reporter who just got back from Teheran is now being interviewed.  He spoke with a number of Mousavi's advisers before they were arrested and his impression was that they felt that there had to be a radical change in economics, foreign policy, etc.  They warned about extreme nationalism and economic problems.  The reporter said that hardly anybody cared at all that he was an Israeli reporter, albeit one who was officially reporting for a French newspaper and using a non-Israeli passport...

People were much more outspoken about the need for change than he had ever heard before.  Many said that they are unwilling to return to the past.  He felt that this was about more than the presidential election and that many of the people with whom he spoke said this explicitly.

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