Persiankiwi's Recent Tweets

Whoever he/she is, PK has become one of the most trusted tweeters these past few days. The latest:

1. If Mousavi is arrested or killed he has willed that the nation will strike indefinitely - 
2. Kourosh Zaim - member of national peoples party arrested
3. There are rumours that Gov is losing control of army
4. The bomb in the Tomb of Imam Khomeini is the work of the dictator - they want to blame us but we have no bomb - Sea of Green
5. all foreign satellite tv news has been stopped in Iran - they think a blinded man cannot see in the darkness -
6. Iran tv has said almost nothing about Sea of Green exept that some 'thugs' attacked police -
7. MOUSAVI - continue to chant Allah Akbar from your balconies every night -
8. Shahab Talebani - arrested - Mohammad Ghoochani newspaper editor - arrested