Allahpundit cites a new poll showing Palin, Romney, and Huckabee deadlocked for the 2012 ticket. Allahpundit then performs some mental calisthenics:

If Palin decides not to run, which of the remaining two will pick up the lion’s share of her supporters? The temptation is to say Huck because of her following among conservative Christians but I think that misunderstands the core of Palinmania. Her fans don’t love her because she’s a social con, they love her because they see her as a Jacksonian. And while superficially Huck is closer to that model than an urbane millionaire like Mitt, I think Huck’s reputation for being a big-government conservative, fairly or not, will haunt him going forward. My guess is that Romney will pick up the Palinistas if he runs. Which, let’s face it, he almost certainly will.

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