An outright refusal from Obama's DOJ even to meet with lawyers litigating two DOMA cases:

Jennifer Pizer, the marriage project director for Lambda Legal, had a similar experience on another high-profile case, also in California. She’s representing a U.S. Court of Appeals lawyer who’s fighting the federal Office of Personnel Management. The OPM is refusing benefits to her spouse under DOMA even though two Federal appeals court judges have said employees of their court are entitled to health benefits for same-sex partners.

“We have communicated through a couple of different channels asking [OPM] to provide legal analysis to support their position,” Ms. Pizer told me. “We said, `At a minimum, give us your legal analysis so we can engage with you.’ The response was, `No, we’re not changing our position.’ That’s not what we expect from an administration whose leader speaks so emphatically about thinking discrimination is wrong.”

Either there is some bad miscommunication going on or the word has come down from the White House to cut off contact with those advocating equality and do what they can to oppose them. Obama increasingly appears not just two steps behind his supporters here. He is ten steps behind and moving in the opposite direction. In the end, you get this overwhelming impression: they just want us to go away. And you know what? We don't want invites to White House parties. We want an end to being treated as second class human beings.

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