Newsweek's Amanda Robb recalls the assassination of another late-term abortionist - her uncle, Bart Slepian, who in 1998 was shot through his kitchen window while talking to his wife and two sons. Robb writes:

Truth told, the people at an abortion clinic who are superpolitically pro-choice are the people who work at them for little or no moneythe support staff and volunteers. Doctors, in general, feel like they are just doing their jobs, and the ones I have known experience the efforts to stop them from doing their work far more personally than politically. When Bart's children were stalked (while they walked to their grade school, activists would ask my cousins, "Why does your dad kill babies?"); when his home, car and office were vandalized; when he was threatened with everything from being buried in cement to maiming to shooting, my uncle never said, "I need to protect a women's right to choose." He said, "No goddam bully is going to tell me what to do."

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