Never Miss A Euphemism

For years, the British satirical magazine, Private Eye, had a code word for sexual shenanigans among leading politicians. It was called "discussing Ugandan relations," or variations thereon. Wiki:

"Ugandan discussions", or a variation thereof, is often used as a euphemism for illicit sex, 800px-Pennsylvania_-_Delaware_Water_Gap_-_Appalachian_Trail_-_White_Blaze usually while carrying out a supposedly official duty. The term originally refers to an incident at a party hosted by journalist Neal Ascherson and his first wife, at which fellow journalist Mary Kenny had a "meaningful confrontation" with a former cabinet minister in the government of Milton Obote, later alleging that they were "upstairs discussing Uganda". The poet James Fenton apparently coined the term. The saying is often wrongly attributed to the antics of a female Cabinet minister in Idi Amin's government, who was caught having sex in a public lavatory at Heathrow Airport.

I think we should start using "hiking the Appalachian trail" for discussions of future political scandale, don't you? Instructions have been sent to all Dish staff on this matter. (Update: a reader notes Doug J and Josh Marshall beat me to it).