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Mousavi's Shrewd Move

He really has made some good calls - primarily to restrain his supporters from violence, to insist on peaceful protest, to coopt the rhetoric of the revolution, and to appeal to religious sensibilities. Now an even better one? One obvious weakness of the coup leaders - enough to make even Khamenei acknowledge - is the evidence of rank brutality against students, women and young protestors. Calling for a national Day of Mourning tomorrow in the mosques seems like an inspired move to me:

"A number of our countrymen were wounded or martyred," Mousavi said, calling the day of mourning for Thursday. "I ask the people to express their solidarity with the families ... by coming together in mosques or taking part in peaceful demonstrations," Mousavi said on his website.

This provides a non-violent, religious form of protest against the coup, and sustains the protest for a fifth day. I'm not there, of course. But Mousavi seems to be making some very statesmanlike - and cunning - moves.