Mousavi's Moment

Karim Sadjadpour has some harrowing words to mark the occasion:

The weight of the world now rests on the shoulders of Mir Hossein Mousavi. I expect that Khamenei's people have privately sent signals to him that they're ready for a bloodbath, they're prepared to use overwhelming force to crush this, and is he willing to lead the people in the streets to slaughter?

A reader passes on a phone call he just made to Tehran:

They are getting ready to go (at least 4 people who I spoke to) they are ready for worst to come, tehy are saying we don't want reveloution we feel we are insualted and we want re-election. They have heard Sepah has been seen around Azadi Sq and the Special Gard people have been seen in Enghelab Sq.

SMS in Tehran still not working, actually they said it never worked.