More Reports Of Moussavi's Arrest

From NIAC:

According to phone reports from inside Iran, there are rumors that Mousavi is under house arrest. Also, Mohsen Mirdamadi, the head of the Islamic Iran Participation Front has reportedly been arrested.

About 200 police forces have surrounded the newspaper offices of Etemademelli and Green Word, holding at least 30 journalist inside. The fate of the journalists is not known. According to Mousavi’s website: On Friday evening Iran time, and in the middle of live internet coverage by Mowj-e Sevom (Third Wave), several officers without uniform and without a warrant attacked the office of Mowj-e Sevom in Gheytariyeh, Tehran and threatened the journalists and others who were there for interviews, beating them up and using tear gas. Protests are continuing in Valiasr, Tajrish and Vanak streets.

There are rumors that four people have been killed so far. This has not been confirmed.