Iranians are fighting for their lives and liberty, but the real debate for Dana Milbank is over whether the White House is too close to Nico Pitney. Dday points to this video and laments:

I don't think you can find a more perfect summation of the traditional media inside Washington than this - Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza dressed like fops in bowties and smoking jackets - or more likely, dressed like their own mental projection of themselves - smugly discoursing, with CHAMBER MUSIC in the background, about Beltway gossip.


There is still something about it -- the oozing smugness, the view of politics as a juvenile game, the desperation to be above it all and too sophisticated to care, the total lack of self-awareness in failing to realize how embarrassingly unfunny it is -- that makes it a tour de force in illustrating what and who so much of the Washington media really are.

I guess it beats blogging Iran, as that unprofessional Nico is doing. Easier, anyway.

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