Live-Tweeting The Revolution: Week 1

People of the world - Today Saturday 20 June 2009 - Iran will again make HISTORY - #Iranelection RT RT RT RT RT RT RT
Hossein Obama - The world is watching
Never seen my ppl like this before, so united, so strong, so wise. Stay together. Verde que te quiero verde - Lorca
I can confirm Basij is on full alert & armed, but no visible IRGC activity reported from across the city yetAyatollah-grin
"You may write me down in history--With your bitter twisted lies--You may trod me in the very dirt--But still like dust I'll rise." M.A.
confirmed - Mousavi - SATURDAY is a big day for fighting fascism
Only 10 hours left until the Iranian people finally disobey their dictator. History is watching. Let's make it proud.
Now, all my life hurts [Google translation]
Reformist and activist bloggers arrested / they are my friends I am worrying for them very much
and also that the reformist leaders in jail are being pressured to give false confessions.
Martyr Karoubi - As a former political prisoner who was tortured I know  that insulting a nation will turn them into a raging fire
We hear in the [Iranian blogosphere] that the Supreme Leader has told Mousavi to keep quiet or he will be exiled,
Advice - remove sim and use mobile to film ANY violence or attak against Sea of Green
Advice - your location can be identified from mobile signal - + delete all sms after sending in case u are arrested
confirmed - sms text messaging is working again in Iran after 1 week of disconnecsion

(Photos above and below by Flickr user David Mohammad Yaghoobi)

"Salaam. I'm not well at all. I'm afraid, but tomorrow, I'm going.
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[TEHRAN PROTEST CONFIRMED] this Saturday June 20 4:00 PM Enghelab Sq. Tehran . Iran Please Share any which way you can
e-souce: new chant today: "My dead brother, I will get your vote back! And thegovernment cheats, and the Leader supports!"Green-stream
Voices are louder tonight.
Tonight at 10 pm, on the rooftops everyone chanted 'Death to the Dictator.' On previous nights it wasn't so strong.
People are angry. I think it will get pretty bloody tomorrow." end quote
Iran's situation is crisis , all say that tomorrow is a conflict day
The young boys and girls of Tehran, not the students, are "Basiji Hunting" at night. This is crucial to success.
confirmed - - HACKED - Dos Dos Dos Dos
Another update from Iran: [translated] "We now have access to Facebook; plus, we're each armed with 'filter-breakers' [proxies]. Don't worry
students and arrested people at prisons are tortured so hard and told them that here is worse than Guantanamo
some of Arts professors of Tehran University said that will go to strike from tomorrow morning , Saturday

(Photo of Ayatollahs Khamenei, front, and Khomeini, back, by Flickr user Ehsan Majnun)

Cntd: people trust Mousavi's judgment and are waiting 4 him to give the word. If he backs down it's the end of it
e-source; people in Iran are saying, now what? What they do depends almost entirely on what Mousavi decides
from iran, translated: "Don't suicide from fear of death."
Molk Ybqy ?? Alkfr and La Ybqy ?? Alzlm: A country will survive W / O god, but not without justice (Mohammad, the Muslim prophet)
mohsen Kadivar saying prayers for the lost lives in front of UN at noon. [Google translation]
Crowd-birdseye voice of God, and Akbar, "or Hossein, Hossein Mir", loud tonight than any night will be long behind Bamha [Google translation]
Mousavi - confirmed - show support for Sea of Green from balcony starting 9pm to midnight tonight
Unconfirmed report of an execution at Evin Prison in Tehran, Iran today June 19.
I called Somayyeh Tohidlou's husband.He said she will be released in 2 or 3 days.
Translation: Kaveh Servati (form Mousavu's camp) is releaserd.
Secretary-General of the Freedom Movement, Ebrahim Yazdi was released today [Google translation]
confirmed - Ebrahim Yazdi has been released by Gov due to poor health
Prophetic Council Zyaaldyn defend the right to education in detention [Google translation]
confirmed - 2 student activist arrested - Alirezah Khshbakht & Zahra Toheedi
Shahab Tabatabai, chief of staff 88, was arrested [Google translation]Women-silent
confirmed - Shahab Talebani has been arrested today
stateTV showed Obama killing a fly,didn't show our  rallies,students killed in dorms.Who is US agent now?"
Tear Down This Cyberwall!
What a weather in Tehran ! Thunders and rain. This is the first time in my life that I can see an spring like this.
after Khamenee speech Mehdi Karubi wrote a letter. he asked Void election very Courageously
Did you notice? Rezaei was crying in today's Friday Prayer, when Khamenei delivered speech
i'm rlly feeling sad & disappointed after Mr. Khamenei's speech 2day. Will Mousavi step back from his requests? What about ppl?
In Iran, Friday Prayers are rallying toward Hashemi Rafsanjani's office. They calls him "Head of Devilry".
Maryam Ameri central party headquarters was arrested Mehdi Karroubi [Google translation]
is called Tajzadh, Amin Zadeh, Rmzanzadh, Abtahi and other detainees severely confession fabricated for television are under pressure [Google translation]
hold Quran and cite Quran 8.61 "If they seek peace then seek you peace" Shame them into peace!
Protest with the Quran in your hand, sit down if they attack, while KHAMENEI0619BehrouzMehri:Getty citing the Quaran 8.61, Use Gandhi method
Khamenei had declared war, but Green must remain calm and  continue silent rallies.
@PerezHilton aww that's so sweet! Thanks! From Tehran ;-)
unconfirmed reports - Revolutionary Guard has been mobilised to secure Tehran
Dear UN & NGOs, why is Iran allowed to butcher civilians without even a word from you?
The situation in Iran is now CRITICAL - the nation is heartbroken - suppression is iminent
Pls:Mousavi:PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: We need help and sourvernity, today it turned out we need it more than ever.
Imprisoned bloggers: Mohammad Ali Abtahi. Mhsaamrabady, Arghndh Karim Pour, Emad Bhavr, Shyvanzrahary, Mohsen and Mojtaba Poor Somayeh Tvhydlv [Google translation]
Mousavi spox Makhmalbaf says 7OO campaign workers and advisors have been arrested, he is 2O% free, 8O% under house arrest
Governor General of Tehran's gathering tomorrow Krdbray no Standing-green-pair permission has been issued [Google translation]
Many govenmental bloggers and twitters are writing and linking about / to false data on #iranelection systematic lies is shame for a regime.
Google Translate no has Farsi (Persian) Whooohoooo!!!!
confirmed - the Gov has refused to issue a permit for Sea of Green march at 4pm on Saturday in Tehran
BAM! Khameni just called out Rafsanjani and his son, and  passive aggressively accused them of corruption. OH SNAP!
Can you believe what Khameneii said?! I feel sick to my bones... and the people listening to him and shouting slogans; THINK
the news on twitter is from eyewitness in iran. this is not on press as there is no means for them to verify it.
Khamenei cries for death of 1 Basij, ignores dozens murdered, thousands beaten, hundreds arrested by Basijs. What hypocrisy.
What did you think of the Supreme Leader's speech? Have you seen/heard signs of protests since then? Let us know.

(Photo by Flickr user Jason Bass)

what's gonna happen now? :-|
At least we know there is won't be any compromise.
feel worried and desperate after Khamene'i's speech. he said it's ppl's responsibility if any violence happens now on. shoot.
Iran's supreme leader rejects vote fraud claims,describing Pres Ahmadinejad's election win as definitive
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but Sareeh does not mean harsh. Means clearly. So pressTV also translated wrong then
Propaganda bullshit. Rhetoric calling out the 'enemies' fuck him. Old man die already.
He's defenseless, so he's playing all his attacking options all at once
"during the time of the husband of the current secretaty of state, these democrats burned 80 supporters of the davidian cult (koresh) alive"
"do you even recognize something called the rights of humans? who is still killing ppl in afghanistan? who turned iraq into what it is?"
so predictable of our supreme leader! he talked about US conspiracy (as usual)
He is pointing 2 @BarackObama . Khamanei:"How cn U B worry 4 R ppl? We r the leaders of rt of ppl all arnd the world."
0618LONDON:DanKitwood:Getty After every few sentences, people have to shout "Death to England!" nobody mentions US ;)
I think Khamenei was right that West doesnt know Iranians.They dont know Mideast at general,& thats y they have issues in Iraq
Khanemei: Problem of Our enemies is that they still do not know Iranians.
Again, Zionists to blame for allegs of corruption. And the Iranians in the sts?
Khamenei: "The idiots thought Islamic Republic of Iran is like Georgia! Where are you comparing Iran with?!"
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Khamenei: If they dont accept and continue their way, i'll come again and clarify everything to people frankly
Leader: If they don't[Mousavi,Karroubi] put an end to protests they are responsible
Khamenei: Those politicians who make the situation chaotic, would be responsible for the bloods.
Nothing will be changed with protests. Accpeting those illegal requests under pressure (of protests) is start of dictatorship.
Khameini: protesters 'insulted' president ahmadinejad
condemning the protests.
Leader says that he enjoys freedom of the expression :)
Leader: Ahmadinejad's opinions are closer to mine than Hashemi Rafsanjani
Khameini says Zionist-owned Western media to blame too
to all candidates, see the real enemy: the west.
Khamenei: We can talk about 1K, 100K, 1mil cheating but 11milions is not possible
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khamene'i: no cheating has happened in the election.
In general: Again Khamenei is approving the election. He said this election can not be changed!!
Khamene'i supported Ahmadinejad explicitly in Friday prayer: "my approaches to politics, etc. is so close to what A.N does.
He said Ahmadinejad's stance on different issues is closer to his.
He's praising Hashemi.
Khamenei: The will of people should be recognized in ballot boxes not in the streets.
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They humiliated THE president of this country, and accused him of lying& made false reports about his performance.
Both sides are guilty.
Candidates became emotional and said things that they shouldn't have.
The disadvantages of debates: sometimes they turned into illogical discussions; e.g. accusing ppl, rumors, injustice to this gov.
Continuing those debates and discussion can turn into contempt.
President Ahmadi, Larijani(Parliment speaker) and Hashemi Shahroodi(head of judicial power) are present in the Friday prayer
the debates showed that this is a real election, but it also had disadvantages.
All candidates are pro regime and part of the regime.
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He says the participation shows ppl's trust in the regime.
An election with this turn out shows God's blessing for us!
1. Thanks to the ppl! you did such a great job!
Ok.. he'll be talking about the election. 3 points, for 3 groups. First, all iranians, Second politicians, Third for the west
0618MASKS:Getty Khamenei's speech just started.
Leader is speaking at Friday prayers. you can watch at BBC, CNN, Euronews,
The basij will be at Friday prayers today, their 1st public appearance in large numbers
The climax is today in a couple hours! Khamenei's speech at friday prayer!
Do you know why there's no special news from Rasht? cuz protesters didn't have any leader.
Today will not happen anything here in Rasht. ppl can't go out of their home. Nonstop thunderstorm!
now is dawn - we must go - location not safe - thank u for supporting Sea of Green - #Iranelection - people of Iran needs your help
Police helicopters, Police helicopters, Police helicopters... What are they afraid of? Mousavi / Karroubi supporers will remain at home ...
(unconfirmed): Secret Police recording faces and names during yesterday's protests.
where almost everyone is pro-mousavi. but on the other hand, they were all watching iran-south korea footbal match together.
he said "no." i suspect that he voted ahmadinejad. and i remember wondering, he must feel kind of alientated at this engineering firm...
at an engineering firm 2 days ago, i asked the janitor if he heard any of this allahu akbar business in his (southern) neighborhood...
thank you google!
Viva google. It added Persian/Fare->English translation. No sure about the quality but just in time :)
Internal newspapers didn't mention yesterday's rally at all
all rallies canceled. what khamaneyi will say after prayers will change everything
they already arrested all people who can lead people in anyway, our only hope is now lies with moosavi & karoubi
The security situation in Tehran is very dangerous - 100's arrested every day
I finally managed to open karoubi's party official site: Yes, he canceled today's rally & said it's postponed to Saturday 4PM
from Iran 4:34AM, finally I managed to open the twitter page with gpass. FreeGate is down & most proxies are dead.Mourning-portaits_
2 days ago ahmady said on State TV he can't guarantee safety of moosavi!
IRIB State Media: Rafsanjani is behind all protests and unrests in Iran. No shame whatsoever.
Iman namazi the university of Tehran's student Dead after Basijs sally
Mousavi - Khatami - Karoubi - will all lead Sea of Green on Saturday at 4pm in Enghelab Sq, Tehran - #Iranelection - confirmed
CONFIRMED - MOUSAVI & KAROUBI ask supporters NOT to attend Friday prayers inTehran
Fears of information blackout from Tabriz, concerns for safety of Ayatollah Montazeri
Green-stamp hospital source - severe shortage of blood supplies accross ALL Iran hospitals - pls donate blood
I have made a grave mistake mentioning names here (even fake) if any student get captured because of this. I will never forgive myself.
1st hand source - 2 students killed in kermanshah crackdown, 1 male 1 female. Girl's family has not been able to hold funeral
confirmed - the wife of Saeed Rajaie, a prominent Iranian wartime martyr, has been arrested while praying in Qom
unconfirmed reliable source - several commanders of Revolutionary Guard Force arrested today
We have unconfirmed reports that there is dissent among commanders of the Revolutionary Guard Force
and the real strange thing: they were wearing police uniforms with IRG insignia!
althought it's completely against the law for armed forces to enter universities there were lot's of police forces inside today...Mourning-flags
from Iran In Hakim Nezami's cross in Esfahan, paramilitaries has been beaten people quite badly
The riot police and paramilitaries has been beaten people quite badly by baton and arrested some of them in Tabriz today
One of today's slogans:ppl didn't die, for us to back out now--- & recount the tampered ballot boxes
Thursday Sea of Green was more than ONE MILLION people
Tehran is alive with the sound of people on their balcony shouting 'Allah Akbar - Ya Hossein - Mir Hossein '
Hearing a lot of "Allaho Akbar" MUCH much stronger than any other day... Waiting for tomorrow!
Strange.. this night the power of Allaho Akbar and Down With Dictator and Mousavi is at least tripled!
It is Allaho Akbar / Down with Dictator time. U dont need a clock to tell it,a window to a street and an ear will do.
confirmed: Mousavi asked his supporters don't go to Friday prayer, next scheduling is Saturday in Enqlab sq @ 4 pm
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BBC Caller:I voted 4 Ahmadinejad,wanna know why they kill innocent kids?my vote become a bullet&I'm responsible 4 the bloods.
Victory-ribbons Here's a shout out to @11dimension for being 1st to spot fake tweets under my name by pro-govt page 'Persian_guy'
I would like to show your Tweets on CNN, is it okay to show your profile username on TV & online?
Hospital source - increase in admission of people injured and beaten by Baseej - all Tehran hospitals in high alert
Hospital source - 12 killed and 29 injured on Monday in Azadi Sq
because they are opposed to what is going on and in particular to the plan for tomorrow. ['plan for tomorrow' not sure yet]
I have now received e-mails from totally trustworthy sources within Iran that many Sepaah commanders [Sepaph is IRGC] have been arrested...
Ignore rumors that Khamenei is not attending Friday prayer. He is: protestors to attend wearing black.
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Facebook these days is acting as the mosques during the Islamic revolution!
I cannot make an Int. call to contact anyone outside of Tehran. Mazandaran, Guilan and Golestan seem worse than Tehran.
Mousavi-wife Thunder and it is HEAVY rain. Strange for Tehran... I hope safety for whoever is on the streets.No Satellite chan bcs of rain.
Big traffic jam in Modarres highway and most of the cars are showing V sign from the windows(not the OS!viva Linux!)
eyewitness:"each time I decide to go I think maybe this time there aren't that much people...but each time there is even more!"
???? ?? ??????? ????? ???? ??????? ??????? ???? ? ????? ???????
"Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn." -- George Bernard Shaw
Police presence was EXTREMELY high in today's Toopkhune rally. Witnesses reporting uncountable number of gaurds
People carrying pictures of the martyrs of recent days in the rally today.
friends, came back from D gathering for martyrs of #gr88. Mousavi was there 2. calm and peaceful (till 19:0 that I was there)
Imam Khomeini Sq. was great ... slow start but when things got on their way, there was no stopping the Green Wave!! Mousavi showed up too!!
According to contacts, today's demonstration was amazing. Basij and Ansar now fear massive retaliation by the public.
Mousavi says: #Iranelection - I have come due to concerns of current political and social conditions - to defend the rights of the nation
MOUSAVI launches direct attack on ANejad for insulting his wife
Mousavi is in midst of 1000s of people in Imam Khomeini Sq and is wearing black like his supporters,stood on car and spoke
MOUSAVI asks GOOGLE to change logo to GREEN for 1 day - #Iranelection - to give hope to all Iran
This Gov is not what Imam Khomeini wanted for Iran - #Iranelection I will change all this - This is the SEA of GREEN
We are Muslims - what is happening in Iran Gov is a sin
MOUSAVI - I know of no creation who places HIMSELF ahead of 20 million of the nation
MOUSAVI - Why do all our young want to leave this country?
Hand-protest MOUSAVI - The next Gov of Iran will be chosen by the people
MOUSAVI - What have you done with $300 BILLION in last 4 years - where is the wealth of the nation?
MOUSAVI - 25% inflation means IGNORANCE - THIEVING - CORRUPTION - where is the wealth of my nation?
MOUSAVI - I have come to you because of the corruption in Iran
MOUSAVI - Iran must participate in FAIR elections, it is a matter of national importance
MOUSAVI - I have come to be ACCOUNTABLE to you my people and to this world
MOUSAVI - I have come to represent the poor the helpless the hungry
MOUSAVI - I have come to bring to Iran a FUTURE of FREEDOM, of HOPE, of fulfilment
Mousavi - I have come to tell the world and return to Iran our pride, our dignity, our future
MOUSAVI says ; I have come to improve Irans Intl relations
Mousavi says: #Iranelection - I have come due to concerns of current political and social conditions - to defend the rights of the nation
Everybody is peaceful and quiet - everybody is wearing black - the number of people is unbelievable
Today's rally better be bigger than 30 years ago...however, please don't let the young boys and girls die again.
Crowd-long Fact is, we've seen variety of protesters grow: young+old, students+professionals, women in chador+westernized students
Many of the most famous cinema artist are announcing that they wrote a statement to the gvnmnt in support of #iranelection.
Shirazi protesters wore black clothes take refuge in Shah Cheragh Mosque
My mother just spoke to relatives in Shahrak-e-Gharb, who live in apartments (luckily). Hundreds of homes, the street ruined.
Peyman Aref and Another students who could not continue their studying because of political action arrested in Tabriz
Mohammad Asgari who was responsible 4 the security of the IT network in Iran's interior ministry was killed in tehran yesterday
tow professor of Shahid Beheshti University with some of their students were arrested
Famil Thmasebi , who injured from head by club , died in Emam Reza Hospital in Kermanshah
e-source: female student rallying for opposition attacked by guards at university of kermanshah; died of stroke in Imam Reza hospital
Same e-source hopeful of clergy union, the MRM, planningMask-votes tehran rally for sunday (must confirm) protesting
e-sources: quiet protests, all eyes on Supreme Leader as he leads friday prayers. Fears he'll hedge, buy time b4 resolving
Confirmed - Tomorrow FRIDAY prayers in Tehran will be led by Khamenei
Guardian Council begins 'careful examination' of 646 complaints, will meet on saturday with candidates
Today ALL major universities in Iran are CLOSED for Sea of Green
iran Khodro labors went on strike today
e-sources dub robocalls 'terror telemarketers' - sometimes a machine, sometimes a woman warning to stop
eyewit:each rally ppl arrange next time&place,we use phone&even make lots of prints2spread on the streets!primitive ways work!
In Iran ppl are more scared of being arrested. Some ppl were arrested on charges of "Allaho akbar" at nights.
Pray that today at 4pm Toopkhane Sq. will turn into a sea of green, biggest march in 30 years, Mousavi WILL be there
good luck with the mourning rally today. saw a video of ppl sittin down once they see basij. that works?
Today's Tehran protest will be silent/vigil style, protestors wearing black
Translation, Protest Slogan: Democracy is our right, we despise violence.
It is now after 10 AM in Iran. Fewer people going to work today than the past few days.
Payetakht (Capitol) building in Mirdamad, centre for computers and electronics said to be watched and some shops in ruins.
At least 15 deaths confirmed by state television. Tensions Sign-woman running high. Fear tactics used widely across Tehran and Iran.
Reliable Source: Families of those murdered by Basij militia are under pressure and being prevented from contacting media
according to hospital doctors in Iran the attacks on civilians are from the chest up. they are taking and burrying the bodies b4 family sees
female med student says that they would not let the injured tell the docs their name. she had 13 yr old boy die and disappear unknown name 
I want more than just a new president, I want an end to this brutal regime.
Remember that Mousavi/Karroubi is not our Ideals, we just voted for Change.
less than 3 hours until exam, Shayan said we should give it a try. I'm going to sleep a little.
I will be out with my friends on Friday, and if we are attacked, we will defend with deadly force.
perception among ahmadinejad supporters is that he has been taken for a ride by rafsanjani and co.
it is said that people should wear black and gather in mosques. However, i'm still waiting for confirmed news.
Landlines are rumoured to be closely monitored, especially for Green-dude international calls. Just got off the phone with relatives.
The police are still scanning for satellites. They just drove by.
My internet is back... with 10s of 1000s of blocked sites... but the packets can leave and reach our machine, which is enough.
I need proxies for iran. Will you follow me for DM?
I can help you bypass the governments blocks, I'll post a local email in a moment.
translations of torture flyers coming out:
New Worst Offender @Persian_Guy sending false RTs from reputable users and misinformation. Ignore.
excellent idea to map #IranElection vids and pics on Google Earth. Plz start facebook movement w/ guide and use Iranian expatriates.
I'm alright, friend. I was just sleeping. Thank you for worrying about me.
We are hearing that Riot guard is attacking civilian buildings who have active "Allaho Akbar" and "Down with Dictator" night and brk prprtis
Extensive Iran coverage on CNN tonight.
D-Day+6:Still no text messaging, Internet bandwidth is OK now but 1000s of websites r blocked. 15 death across country.
What is a President without a Country?
Due to Military neutrality, and State Police cooperation with people, everything will be transferred to the Rev. Guards tmr.
big ques is what the paramilitary volunteer 'basij' do. theyre in effect outside the law givng govt plausible deniability
Tomorrow at 10 am ANJ/Basij crowd gather in front of Judiciary to call for arrest of Faeze and Mehdi Hashemi for their role in the unrest
Praying is enough. U are the best friends anyone could hope for. I'm glad to have had the pleasure of talking to any of u.
eyewitness:in the past rally, a friend was beaten up by the force group and was left with a broken head and injured eyes
Victory-peace-signs I hope Reza is OK where ever he is. nobody knows where Intel took him to. they should already called his familiy.
Yes, and Doctors in some hospitals are standing in front doors preventing basij from interring
the rumor about Hezbolah & Hamas helping Basij, until today I never believed it but I saw them today with my own eyes
they wear black riot police outfit, brown skin and shouting to people in Arabic & hit everybody they see
State Police Force comfirms the plain-clothes and black-masked militia are from Palestine and Lebanon, and have diff. orders.
Hamed from Tabriz confirmed 2 killed in Tabriz's engineering university. thing really getting awful for all students around the country
RT:some of the students arrested have not been released yet after 3 day, no word from them :((
Mousavi's wife Zahra Rahnavard today joined injured students at Tehran University
Mousavi & Khatami have delivered joint letter to Ministry of Justice demanding release of protestors
Iranian state TV just broadcast footage of the ongoing protest at Haft-e-Tir Sq. This is a break through!! VIVA Iran VIVA Mousavi!!Soccer-green
eyewitness, latest slogan: "Take the websites and our cell phones, we don't give our country to you!"
Please Vote for google to change its logo for one day
IMPORTANT #youtube announcement regarding making an exception 4 Iranian violent videos & keeping them in the public forum
BBC is the crappiest network I've ever seen ... they just revealed every trick the nation can use for communication in such tough times!!
Foreign Media in Iran is now officially under "OFFICE ARREST", BUT I'm Iranian, so I take off my Journo Hat & walk the streets as an Iranian
Now 2 people we've intvwd in last wk have been arrested
I have a bad feeling in my gut that the protests are weakening, and the gov is going to win this. Please don't let it happen.
tired, worried. what will happen? will all this sacrifice change anything?

[The following is from a single twitterer in Tehran, starting around 10.30 pm local time.]

have to go my dear...the shouts are getting louder and louder. [end quote]10 minutes ago from web

I had so many long days without sleep, I did not find time to do more. ...oh gun shots!!! I hope it is in the air only...10 minutes ago from web

0717GETTY Now people are shouting "Death to dictator" all around Elahieh...11 minutes ago from web

Students activists told me they know that two students also were killed in Isfahan Sanaati [technical] university.12 minutes ago from web

Also Art University and Allameh dorms were attacked.13 minutes ago from web

Some died as they were being beaten.14 minutes ago from web

I talked to 2 students who were present during the attack [on the university dormitory], it was heart breaking.14 minutes ago from web

Also all press permits have been canceled; there is a Revolutionary Guard decree that journalists be barred from working.15 minutes ago from web

they were ordered to pack their things and leave for their provinces.17 minutes ago from web

80 students were freed yesterday in front of Tehran University dormitory.17 minutes ago from web

Now [about 40 minutes ago] I hear people are chanting Allohakbar on their roof-tops, on all roof tops, it is stronger than any day [so far].18 minutes ago from web

50 professor resigned yesterday and were asking for the body of killed students.19 minutes ago from web

They have been holding a sit-in in Tehran University starting yesterday and it is still going on.19 minutes ago from web

University professors have also sent a declaration condemning the attack on the students.20 minutes ago from web

Hundreds of thousands had come to the streets for Hafte Tir today.20 minutes ago from web

Mousavi has asked people to wear mourning clothers tomorrow all around Tehran.21 minutes ago from web

Update from Tehran: I hear gun shots in the air, in Fereshteh [North Tehran]. There are always huge crowds here and at Chahar Rah Park.22 minutes ago from web


chanting 'my brother - my martyr - I will claim your vote for you!'

Hearing "Allaho Akbar" more powerful than any other day in Chizar it's very empowering!

NOW: On the top roof people say : down with dicatator

Basij now moving with motorcycles in streets trying to scare people to stop chanting. it is not working anymore

I'm receiving some sad news about people (mostly students) who get killed in multiply cities by basij&ansar

RT from Iran heavy clashes in city of Yazd. one of the people got shot and killed.many other injured.

almost everybody in karoubi's party already arrested & we were unable to contact even his party's regional offices

my leg is good & not bleeding anymore & I'm safe but I have to leave here & found somewhere else for the night

we worry gov use our rally to their advantage. they always do & people of small towns still believe what TV shows.

2 e-sources: Robocalls phoning random ppl in #Iran intimidating them with ‘we know what u're up to, we know who u are, we know ur children’

Swiss embassy is the de facto American Embassy.

My grandpa used to say:"When western media wants you to believe something, be sure that vice versa is truth!!"

Mousavi has asked police ministry to prevent Basijis beating ppl


the world cup football qualifying game between iran and south korea, which ended in a tie. def more exciting than election for many.

e-source: people don't buy #iran soccer explanation. Religious bands are darker green, much thinner, & only worn on one hand

Happening Right Now - Hundreds of Thousands of people in today's rally still walking in silence.

Shiraz Uni. Chancellor gave up his resignation, coming back to work

Call from Iran: Today police telling protesters: "We won't beat u, but escape from Palestinian death squads."

2Millions ppl have gathered in Haftetire Sq&instead of saying any slagons carry flags writen on it My silence is more powerful than ur club

To go out now to see what's going on.. Police is in our street again

please some one get their(basiji's) guns they just happy to shoot us with no reason:(

i must shave my beard asap!cause in Iran who keep his bread very much we knows him as Basiji&Sepahi,i smack from each group!

Karaj open university student reporting they were forced to shout "death to mousavi" those who didn't were beaten

Will this be the Berlin Wall coming down or just another Tianenmen Sq.? I wonder to myself
Mohajerani calls for mega participation of protesters in Friday Prayer
IMPORTANT reliable source - Montazeri has withdrawn support from Khamenei
Iranian journalist and opp activst Saeed Laylez arrested. When we intvwd him Fri he said 'Iranian mentality is chging'
unconfirmed - we are hearing that Majlis Khobregan is calling emergency meeting - if confirmed - critical event!
Confirmed - Iranian National Football Team show support for Mousavi - sea of green
"Aslan: Rafsanjani calls "emergency" meeting of Assembly of Experts in Qom." This is unbelievable and amazing!
10:30 AM Protest at Azad University north branch, they are too loud
Unconfirmed: Several Military Generals have been detained or arrested. They rejected the call to help the govn't fight people.
URGENT RT From Iran: CONFIRMED! Army moving into Tehran against protesters! PLEASE RT URGENTGreen-carry-side
high level of false information on twitter quoting us - BEWARE
even disinformation is an exercise in free speech..
serv_ is an iranian spy STAY AWAY PASS IT DOWN!
Esfehan university student in VOA: militia used a special bullet that burns skin
Kill a demonstrator, and you create a martyr. Kill a hundred, and you create a revolution.
we have info that tehran univ. will be attacked tonight - have contact inside - says uni blocked
Just confirmed Azad Uni CTB Niayesh complex exams postponed till after 5th of Tir (26th of June) due to #IranElection
protesters have No comunication device they walk at the streets and orally inform passerbis about gathering times
would be great if S. Korean football supporters wear GREEN in match against iran to support iranians who protest for election
People in Mashahd have gathered in the shrine of eigth Imam in protest
Sun is coming up in Tehran, let's see if those martyrs died in vein, or if there is still fight left in people.
twitter is making tehran look like a warzone. chill out people! report what's happening. not what you wish happened.
militia in streets of tehran all night trying to scare ppl
new (conflicting/replacement?) event at 4 pm 2day: peaceful march from inqilab to azadi circle.
5:15am, we're ready to go checking out university & Dorms. masood suggested karoubi's party HQ will be a good & safe place to get some news
conflicting reports from Rasht of many dead and all night street fighting
this near vanak, hotbed of much activity during past 4 days. would be 1st i've heard police arresting anti-mousavi thugs.
last night thousands stayed in streets between Parkway and Vanak sq until after 2am
unconfirmed - several Generals have been arested
Peace--protesters-male only baseej militia and Etellaat folowing orders - they cannot contain country without Army
in azadi sq the killing was by baseej ONLY - military did not react
situation in Ahwaz critical - many many dead in past 48 hrs - hundreds arrested and beaten
38 wounded by shotguns were admitted to Rasool hospital yesterday. among them 10 were killed.
more than 30 were killed in gunshots yesterday whose corpses were removed by Intelligent police from Imam hospital
I'm good and safe for now. just my leg wounded a little bit, I don't think I can run fast any time soon
i was debating an ahmadinejad supporter who said this was a velvet revolution attempt. funny i see it's dominant idea online.
State Tv just aired 2 election specialist(!) talking about it's impossible for election to be fraud cause we're talking about 10M difference
WWFLouisaGouliamaki:Getty Iranians continue to receive pre-recorded messages from the gorvernment. They state that they are part of the protests.
students are fightng with basiji in..amir abad i believe
AFAIK students have evacuated U of Tehran dorms!
special forces burst in my friends home & arrested injured who sought shelter there says thre is blood on stairs
ignore all instructions from new twitters or twitters with no history of accurate posts
RT from Iran - our lives are in real danger now - we are the eyes - they need to stop usPeace--protesters-female
Lots of fake Mousavi sites created 4 counter intel. WARNING THESE ARE FAKE: SPREAD
Lots of counter intelligence from Shahrzadmo & ppl seem to be working for intelligence min., be careful ppl dont trust all
In ans. to some q's, we're not confined to our hotel, but barred from working outside, filming
Do NOT publicise proxy IP’s over twitter, the moment you post iranian government will se it and block it. instead DM.
Kayhan News, the ultra right state-run newspaper, is taken down by a series of DDoS attacks.
large demo today outside tehran tv-radio headquerters - Karroubi attended
i'm glad #iranelection protests are getting more pointedly peaceful.
there was hope in parliament speaker's angry questioning of interior minister 2day.
Most Important Tweet of the Day: Peaceful rally tomorrow(Wednesday) in Tehran at Haft Tir Sq. at 1600-1700
many many arrests in tehran 2day. hundreds. - now is dark baseej start to make trouble.
1000's on balconys - tehran is alive with sound of freedom
on the eastern side of Tehran, Narmak, many people were shouting "Allah o Akbar" at 10-11 PM. That's was heart-warming
From Iran martial law in Iran! TV just announced that ppl should stay at home after 8pm!
Not allowed to leave the hotel, but I think I can see small# of protesters on Vanak Sq
now i hear news that between Tajrish sq & Vanak sq are full of Moosavi Fans with green dress
3632220636_f1d23b8d09 Mousavi has jst anouncd his readines togo on live state TV to tell everyone his views of the election & what happened after it
reports of street fighting in azadi sq and surrounding st's -pepper gas and fires
this may become a massacre, dear god keep them safe
unconfmd major incident at Azadi - shooting - fires - ppl running
Fights have broken out in Azadi SQ between Mousavi and A.N. supporters and the police.
not only that they attacked us, now they are hiding the bodies of those we lost! I will kill ahmadynezhad myself!
Situation in Rasht very calm due to high number of police and basijis
the gov apparently doesn't trust the normal police, they are all unarmed with empty holsters!
What scares us most is the gun in the untrained hands... militias are not professional and they don't have ethics
A member of the parliament's car and house have been attacked by the militias
Conflict reported between people and special forces. It's been reported that meghdad basij centre is under people's control
In Rasht, approx 20 polices and 2-3 police cars standing on almost every street
we've decided to donate blood. there is a serious lack of blood in hospitals.
1 of my friends reports from Azadi that special forces r beating ppl most brutally. lots of ppl r badly injured.
IRANLIBERTEMehdiFedouach:Getty Iran's CyberPolice stated that the gov'll confront harshly with ppl who reflect "false" news about Iran on the Net.
LEvin (High security infamous prison) news confirmed. I wonder what they are going to do when it's get full
we have info that tehran uni will be attacked tonight - have contact inside - says uni blocked
Tabriz uni has asked the students to vacate the Uni & dorm by 8am tomorrow. cause they cant guarantee students safety
120 of Sharif Univ.'s Masters resigned.
call from Niavaran saying plainclothes going door2door now looking for satellite dsh
in chaharbaagh police attacked people. angry people chased police away and increased in number
in Tabriz home city of Mousavi, who according to Iran gov has voted 4 Ahmadinejad, gathering of more than 3 is illigal
A huge crowd in Vali Asr square rally in supporting Ahmadinejad.
The massive protest today was VERY quiet n calm, no big fights only some few got beaten
not many photos and films out today from iran as international press not allowed to make any reports.
more than 150,000 people are demostrating to Tajrish Sq.Basiji forces are ready to attack / in Tehran
WoW. so crowded. Mousavi's supporters from Enghelab to Azadi again.
from Vanak sq to Parkway , people raise their hand as a sign of protest
Fake News on national TV: Mousavi attends the gathering today.
hundereds were arrested in Mashhad
confirmed - jahanbakhsh khangahi arrested
cannot contact family in shiraz w/phone. hopefully they're safe. mom says they avoid "politics"...revolution is in our blood!
please RT urgent does anyone know whats happening near saiee park? my daughter is near
Just had a call reporting clashes in Azadi. Between Moussavi supporters, Ahmadinejad's hardliner forces & police.
Hearing Allaho Akbar & Down with Dictator... Much more stronger than last night.
News: Another shot heard in Daar-Abad in Tehran
NCONF: URGENT: M.of Health has order all D ambulances sh/ take injured ppl to Sepah's (RightW) hostpitals!
I changed my name for security reasons #IranElection it's worth the paranoia
Change your Twitter Location to Tehran & Time Zone to GMT +3.5. Help shield #IranElection & confuse Iranian censors!
They're cutting off all connections now, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger Twitter..
STOP POSTING TWITTER NAMES ON TV! You are going to get them KILLED. Use your senses!!!!
@CNN You are risking lives for ratings! Stop posting Twitter names!

we told everybody to get out and leave dorms. but most of the student got no where to go & no relatives in Tehran.

it looks they are going to attack dorms again! IRG's chopper just passed by Yousefabad. there is noting left to destroy over there!

a state TV employee: Gun shooting sound is heard near Jaame jam building

confirmed by farsi twitters: around 2000 basiji is now standing in front of dorms.

Mousavi supporters are having "Calmness will beat the bullets" placards and standing near TV/Radio station's mosque.

NEWS: Mousavi supporters moving towards IRIB News Network HQ. 8 ppl confirmed killed

more than 150,000 people are demostrating to Tajrish Sq.Basiji forces are ready to attack / in Tehran

they are searching for Dr Yazdi , a political activist

Basij are wearing civilian clothing. Do not mix them up with protestors!!

Police is going to houses and seizing satellite receivers.

IRANKIEVSergeiSupinsky:AFP:Getty Qazvin Uni kids right now tore up their exam papers and stopped the exams

BBCPersian has just gone black. [Shiraz]

Mousavi said he is ready for a live show at IRIB (Iran TV). do u think they will let him do that. No way.

IRNN : Guardian Council "revocation of the result of the election is a possibility"

At first Arabs sent their congrats to AhmadiNejad very fast but now their newspapers are turning on him.

I'm hearing LOUD shouts (Allaho Akbar/DownWithDictator) from the street. There should be a struggle. My wife is going to check

The most famous-legal-Iranian singer(Shajarian)said "TV has no right to play my music.I've not sang them for Ah.Nej."

Many have said my username is long. I'm sorry guys, I didn't mean to be political at the time I created this account.

Gmail and Yahoo messenger is filtered too. They are blocking all the communication means.

For those of you who don't know, the rally is in Jameh Jam.

Rally is on. Silent, calm, and peaceful. This is what we all want! Thanks for everyone who's there, and who's watching!

my cousin in tehran, a girl of 29, was beaten with batten in her legs and can't participate today because she can't walk

Masood just called (he's OK), his laptop is destroyed & unfortunately gov intelligent found and arrest Reza at shariati Hospital.

Ashora platoons now moving from valiasr toward National Tv staion. mousavi's supporters are already there. my father is out there!Ground

eyewitness: The crowd is from Mirdamad upto Park Saayi. (That's huge!!)

Eyewitness Live: More ppl have joined, walking on Valiasr. packed from Mirdaamad upto Park, moving towards north.

everyone! I'm reporting pro-mousavi rally up valiasr to Jaam-e-jam!! Obvious I'm not trying to discourage anyone!

There is conflict in front of TV station

DO NOT RT anything U read from "NEW" tweeters, gvmt spreading misinfo

Security forces opening twitter accounts 2 pose as protestors n spread disinformation

24 newspapers were closed down in iran to stop the true reflection of the recent events.

Iran has banned all foreign journalists from reporting on the sts.

State-TV is repeatedly telling people to go to Mousavi's protest in Valiasr Sq. One can only imagine what their plan is. :((

state TV is now requesting people (armed forces) to go to valiasr st and protest against the outlaws & criminals! (people)

The News Channel of Iran just announced that neither Mousavi nor his supporters will participate in today's protest in Vali Asr square.

Another source confirmed: "11 dead yesterday in Rasoul Hospital"

gmail blocked tooo:(( i heard in Velenjak & Farmanie they assemblage satellites from ppl homes:(

yesterday my friend saw a girl that fell into street and a guardians stands beside her and shoot into her leg:( (jenah st)

unconfirmed rumours - army generals arrested - many rumours of coupdetat by army

rumour spreading Tehran - Army Generals have met in secret - Army considering position

his family beaten seriously and brother taken away - house destroyed

Saeid Hajarian - rumour - arrested last night

The girl that was taken away at 2 AM in Tehran was Shiva Nazaragahi

NEWS: Girl that was taken 2AM; It is unclear whether the agents really were intelligence agents or lying.

Woman says ppl knocking on her door 2 AM saying they were intelligence agents, took her daughter

are hearing that all foreigner visas are being cancelled by gov

(Photos above and below-right by Flickr users iran09 and Hamed Saber, respectively)
security in Jamaran is unbelieveble - hundreds of Baseej guarding Khamenei
confirmed - Tabriz - Baseej headqurters set fire - 'many' dead
Tehran hotels under high security to stop Iranians from contacting foreign press
anyone with camera or laptop is attacked in street
i am seeing tweets about a lot of disturbances, arrests, violence in Shahrak Gharb, any reports?
we hear 1dead in shiraz, livefire used in other cities RT
Very scared, I was talkin to myuncle in shiraz and he was so paranoid.
If you hear the forces talking in arabic..BE CAREFUL..these guys are imported in, they are not affraid of suicide bombing and killing

Police the reason of insecurity; Dead students buried by profs
Basij attacking Shiraz and Mashad universities, Shiraz U's dean resigned
some student killed by the 4a blast in Babol Univ's dorms; surrounded by Basij forces
Militia still attacking people in sidestreets but main roads are peaceful marchers.
Basij Militia attacks a residential complex
Students are protesting in Mashhad's Ferdowsi uni. surrounded by Basij & Ansar forces UNCONF
Confirmed info: hezbollah mobilized & lebanese coming in. this is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better pass it down
it's not only police that we're dealing with. there's basij, anti riot guard, elite IRGC
Basij (pro leader militia) is announcing a demonstration at 3 in ValiAsr Sq. , Mousavi's is at 5; same place.3630995591_e8064266af_b
Supporters of Ahmadinejad plan a rally today at the same Tehran square where backers of Mousavi say they will gather
Conf: Abtahi (key reformist, and supporter of Karroubi) is arrested.
stay safe and I will RT anything you write! The world is watching and history is being made--we bear witness!
unconfrm:10 highrank Sepaah officers Sepaah arrested as they intended to support ppl 2gether W Artesh officers. know more?
BIG explosion at Nooshiravani Babol University (North Iran),police does not lets people to go there and see what had happened.
March for today 5pm is ON, at Valiasr Sq. in Tehran, spread to all u know, Mousavi himself will not be attending
All last night we hear shooting accross Tehran - everyone is full of rumours and stories - many arrests in night
Iran state radio says 7 protesters killed overnight in tehran, report of one killed in shiraz
Just heard from an eye witness in Tehran: last night 12 people shot to death had been brought to Rasul_Akram hospital, with dozens wounded.
i used to use twitter to follow my favorite tech bloggers... good old days :(
areh manam haminor i never thought i use facebook so much, i only use to read tech blogs
EVERYONE everywhere set yourLOCATION to TEHRAN! Confuse them.They can't follow everyone!
Still not confirmed if the #iranelection hashtag is blocked. KEEP USING IT. Could be a propaganda to disperse everyone.
"JUST IN: Iran blocking #iranelection tags. Migrate to #iran9 hashtag instead."
#IranElection hashtag is not blocked in Iran. Yells of Allaho Akbar just happen for two hours, 9:00-11:00 PM local time.
We gather to stand in and in solidarity with the people of Iran. No political factions!!! No flags!! (from any country) TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!
I was proud to cast my 1st vote as a US citizen this year, but I am dissapointed at how other govs are acting
it was heart warming to see protestors helping iranian police that were injured and hurt. never lose your true cause, integrity,principle!
confirmed - most of Tehran Bazar is closed today
people saying that army is split. people talking of coup. unconfirmed. we need army on our side.
ppl (protesters against coup) are on strike, with black clothes today. mourning for what is happening in Iran.
Nobody will go to office today as a strike. I will stay at home.
Today is a day of strikes throughout Iran, will it be successful?
this will be a pivotal day for Iran, have faith in yourselves and know that you are not alone. Far and wide we are following :)
We have no national press coverage in Iran, everyone should help spread Mousavi's message. One Person = One Broadcaster.
wow guys, i cant express how great it feels to have so much support from you all for my country, its surreal, many many thanks
stat-run TV: "Tomorrow @3pm: protest against rioters!"i.e. millions who rallied on Mon.
IRANIANS: Tuesday(TOM) at 5pm at Valiasr Sq we will march for our rights and in memory of 5 students killed yesterday
Since ppl cannot say "death to ahmadinejad" or such, they say "allah o akbar" which is "god is great"
I had never seen this much harmony in ppl.You can now see how iranians are united with each other, it's truly an amazing
sight From Chizar Sq. I can hear people shouting their heart out from Qeitarieh & Andarzgu St.! and cars honking! Way to go ppl!
All normal proxys out - all normal ISP's out in Tehran
Mssg from Twitter: at NTT America recognize the role Twitter is currently playing as an important communication tool in Iran.
they are now arresting human rights activists in large scale. where is UN watchdog?!
and motorbikes ridden into the boys dorm
tear gas was used inside the girls dorm
Glass and nails being set on streets to thwart motorcycle terror
squads of lebas shakhsi [Lebanese in private clothes] on motorbikes all over the place
molotov cocktails have come out
reports say that the Uni Tehran's dorms has been stormed by the paramilitary forces again tonight
STOP all the attacks on Iran goverment websites. Hurting Iran's internet connection. RT very important
good night. viva freedom. viva truth. Hope a better coverage by media. That's our only support.
I'm so tired and going to get some rest while I know there r people & students in streets fighting for justice.
we are all tired - no sleep for 3 days - one of us is injured from baton - waiting for doctor
12565094 Shiraz Univ closed. Students are asked to leave the dorm.
still hearing news about more deaths during last nights raid to dormitories and todays shootings.
more than 100 students missing from Tehran Uni dorms - reports of several dead from last night
Activists call for help to catalog faces of plain-cloths militia4 later IDing.,thy r d ones who r shooting at ppl, u can help
CONFIRMED Basiji central building put on fire today by ppl
BBC & CNN, PLEASE publish information on nationwide strike planned for tomorrow Tuesday throughout all of Iran
Tomorrow rally at ValiAsr Sq. 5:00PM
State TV announced that they will "recount" voted again since tomorrow
Ahmadinejad called us Dust, we showed him a sandstorm.
Protesters writing "only Mousavi" on Freedon sqr. tower, Iran's most prominent landmark
U beat (us),U kill,U cut, what DO u do with d unpreventable growth of new blooms" a Persian song*
ppl chanting "Police, police, support us"
also 6 students who were beaten last night in the dorm died today. they were from my university. we wore black today :((
NOTE to HACKERS - attack - pls try to hack all iran gov wesites. very difficult for us.
confirmed - ahmadinejad website hacked off net.
Intelligence calling homes and play recording saying "u participated in today's march, don't repeat"
Reports of gunfire in Tehran's Saadatabad district
Tarasht dormitory is seiged by basij
Non stop sound of shooting heard in Tehran
after hearing about killing a person by Basij people from Ikbatan(a part of Tehran) came out & started another demonstration
People are shouting "This Blood in my veins will stop the coup"
Sources in #Tehran say candidate Mehdi Karrubi will speak in 2 hours. He's protesting results w/#Mousavi.
Hearing Allaho Akbar and Down with dictator from all the roofs
ppl get together in front of our apartment it seems ppl ready for demonstration again in tonight
we are going offline to get a phone free for calling out. we are also moving location - too long here - is dangerous.
we are hearing that large numbers gathering in Tajreesh sq, north tehran, now. rumour that there will be another speech
tonight Kamenei will fight hard - he knows he is close to finish.
3 ppl from our group still not returned from march. no mobile contact. last phone contact 2 hours ago.
we have decided not to go out now and wait to see if situation calm down.
streets very dangerous now. groups of militia on motorbikes searching for protesters.
we estimate marchers today were 1 million ++. confirmed at least one dead in azadi sq - first hand.
confirmed - it was unprovoked attack by Baseej. People running to hide everywhere in streets around Azadi.
People are running in streets outside. There is panic in streets. people going ino houses to hide.
Baseej shooting in Azadi sq - army standing by and watching for now.
Dr. Jebhe Dar Maralani, the president of Tehran University’s College of Electronics resigned in protest to last night’s killing of five students.
Gard1 From Ahvaz: Around Ahavaz bridge the sounds of gunshots can be heard. People have gathered in Naderi street. Cell phones have been disconnected in this city.

Satellite TV is jammed... Internet is slow... Cell phone service coming and going... the night is coming in... this makes one worried

People in Rasht being hunted by police forces, reportedly with teargas. Those in their houses shelter the ones running.

We have heard what sounds like gunshots in distance. still have people on streets we have not heard from.

As it gets dark Basij expected target University dorms again


People are getting killed in Azadi Sq.

Demo spread from Azadi sq, to streets and hwys around it. Cars honking horns, smaller groups marching. False hopes?

Dispersed fights in Tehran; sound of shooting heard

Tho today's protest is illegal, police not moving in. Possibly too big to handle, or images of attax beg. to embarrass ldrs

Just returned from Mousavi demonstration. Huge, easily 100s of thousands. Mood is peaceful, even happy.


unconfirmed as yet - mousavi newspaper offices raided.

Students are being surrounded in Shiraz Uni civil police (Basij) is in fight with people.
There are too many people just watching. Watching argument between forces and youth. What are they thinking about?
I hear that NPR is claiming that it is false news that Mousavi is in crowd now. IT'S NOT! Tell them pp, we have pics!
Mousavi now; "these masses were not brought by bus or by threat. they were not brought for potatoes. they came themselves"
@BabakMehrabani is saying that he was beaten by a baton and his right hand is numb. He is twitting with the left hand.
They blocked all the streets ends to university!
State TV right now: rally is illegal and Police will use iron fist against law breakers.
Tens of thousands of protestors are chanting "No fear, No fear, we are with each other".

In Shiraz there r around 300 "Basiji" in Sinama Sadi cross. They r being fully armed with shields & batons.

Other cities also having their own parades but with MORE oppression; Mashhad, Babol, Tabriz, ...


Rumors: fake unsuccessful Ahmadinejad's assassination is planned for tomorrow. Please inform everybody.

it's worth taking the risk, we're going. I won't be able to update until I'm back. again thanks for your kind support and wish us luck

Grand Ayatollah Saanei accompanies today's anti Ahmadinejad rally

People were holding signs saying: We are not sheep.
Hundreds of thousands of people are demonstrating from Engelab to Azadi.  The number of people is constantly increasing as more people join to protest against the coup d’état.
just received news about forging department students captured 2 Ansar troopers and moving them to another building!
unlike Masood and others I really don't think capturing them can help us in any way.
Hospitals around Tehran are surrounded by security forces who refuse to let those with injuries pass, humanity at its worst
Friend: 17 y/o killed infront of me couldn't get to him in time guards beating us up went to hospital but he stopped moving
problem w/ site pinpointed: webmaster says the Iranian govt is overloading us with requests to disable our site: "denial of service attack"
My Father has a truck load of ballot boxes that were to be burned in the back of his truck.
i eats some pills and wanna sleep and i scared that if they can find me ...i going...thx for your supports....
typing as fastest as I can in bth English&Farsi,Still we need outside help,I really don't want to be captured by Ansar
Once again I thank everyone in the world. No matter if Ahmadi stays or not, I'm proud to have clasped such supportive hands.
URGENT JUST IN, there r TANKS in front of the interior ministry of tehran in valiasr st. & fatemi CAREFULYellow-protestor
I can't find my friends on streets.
Rasht, glass splinters on the streets, riot police not hesitating to beat men, women and even kids
From Enghelab Sq friend just call me, Police & unknown forces beating everybody for no apparent reason!
Correction, no bus burned, but three cars.
dawn is breaking. can hear prayers from mosques.
cousin in tehran is traumatized by the club and baton beatings on tehran streets. eyewitness report of a girl beaten to death.
IRG's helicopter flying low on yousefabadad Amirabad Gisha right now creating a devastating sound and making windows shake
Bloody-gurney sources from Tehran: ppl are killed, ppl are in blood, tehran is hell.
We witnessed police spraying pepper gas into the eyes of  peaceful female protesters
We are here in the dark, all kinds of rumors fly by; nothing is sure.
IRIB TV warned people seriously about going to tomorrow's rally, mobile network might be down for tomorrow's rally.
to other sources: this isn't the police! police is still outside! we're under attack by Ansar-Hezbolah.
Rezaei, the conservative candidate and fmr head of Revolutionary Guards, apparently publishes open letter strongly contesting Iran election.

(Photos: Olivier Laban-Mattei/AFP/Getty. Mehdi Fedouach/Getty in Paris. Getty pool.)