(Undated photo: Members of the Guardian Council)

Tonight, people shouted AllahAkbar much louder and stronger than prev nights in objection to GC's certification

Guardian Council confirmed the election.... NO.. Ahmadinejad is not our president... never

People in Melat Park, Valiasr Sq., Vanak and sidewalks of Vailasr St. are holding hands and are trying to form a human chain.

But reports of sporadic clashes indicate that the armed forces are trying to prevent the formation of the human chain.

Reports: About 3000 Protesters clashing with Hezbollah at Vali Aasr Sq. (not conf)

Larijani (head of Par):CNN has given money&cellphones 2 protesters 2 portray a wrong image of Iran

It's getting interesting, Press TV (gov. media): Basij "imposters" are arrested

5 of 9 British Embassy staffers released after Miliband and Mottaki talk, UK vows not to interfere in #iranelection

Security police officers entered Mojtaba Tehrani’s house and in addition to searching the house took away personal items such as computer and compact CDs.

Urgent: Mojtaba Tehrani, reporter for the Etemade Meli newspaper which belongs to Karroubi, has been arrested.

Important : Persian Kiwi is not arrested, but he does not have access to internet.

People had announced that they will form a human chain from Tajrish sq to Railway

...Yes there is a plan for Human Chain today!

Rumor is always very high in Iran, These days, worse than ever.

RT PLZ. SORRY, Mousavi's detention is highly UNRELIABLE news. It was only mentioned in a video desc. shared on his FB.

@LilyMazahery With all due respect, do you have a reliable source?

I called 1 who is near to Mousavi's Family she denied Arrest, however asked me to call her later then she could check family.

-- CB

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