Live-Blogging Day 8

[Note: words in green are tweets from Iran. Words in black are mine in the US. The tweets should be taken provisionally until confirmed. - Andrew.]



5.01 pm. We're done live-blogging for the day. I'd like to pay a little homage to my two under-bloggers, Chris and Patrick. I'm in awe of them. All we did, of course, was curate and aggregate and try to make sense of all the sources of information streaming into us via thousands. Tweets, emails, phone-calls, cell-phone photos, YouTubes, reports, data, opinion: our brains are fried and our souls inspired from absorbing and re-framing them all. Thanks too to ABC News Lara Setrakian, whose tweeting from Dubai we want to recognize. We gave no credit to all the tweets because their anonymity and immediacy is what makes them compelling. But Lara's were a fusion of old media reporting and new media technology.

The biggest thanks, though, go to you, our readers, for your constant insight, opinion, tips, links, youtubes, and everything else. Really, my email in-tray is itself a CNN. I know you'll keep sending the emails; just know that we read and treasure and need them. This story is just starting and we will need your help to keep covering it with the diligence it deserves.

One impression for today. Whatever happens, the Iranian people have already shown the world what a love of freedom means. Their spirituality, tenacity, wit, and compassion have shone through every moment. Whatever happens, they have proven a heroic nation for the 21st Century. We should honor them for this moment. And stay with them in the days ahead.

Know hope.

4.22 pm. Conf'd Iran Fatemiyeh Hospital Tehran: 30-40 dead as of 11pm; 200 injured. Police taking names of incoming injured.

Call from Iran reports severe skin burns due to the unknown liquid dropped from helicopters.

Bahman Ahmadi Amouee (Zhila's husband, journalist) also arrested

Jila Bani Yaghoub, Femenist and Journalist arrested at her home in Tehran a few Mins. ago.

Some other Journalists arrested in Tehran.

3.42 pm. Tehran will not Sleep tonight!

number of foreign embassies in tehran accepting wounded. please contact your foreign ministries to open there embassy doors to the wounded
Zhila Baniyaghoob's (woman activist) home has been raided
Haft Hooz SQ. is on fire, Protesters are so angry and try to push back Bassij with Coctel Molotov...
A Bassij Base burn by Protesters at Navab St. (South Tehran)
eyewitness: young protester killed with bullet through the head on Navab street
clashes have intensified in tehran, shiraz and isfahan
another person dead in Azarabayjan ST in Tehran

3.14 pm. according to same private listserv source, "People from all around Tehran are gathering to march into the city later at night."

unloaded massive amounts of guns for more than 500 basijies whom had been sent there several hours earlier to confront the demonstrators.

Reports from Tehran, Azadi St., Sanati Sharif University indicate that more that 10 helicopters landed inside the university,

Fatemiyeh Hospital Tehran: 30-40 dead as of 11pm; 200 injured. Police taking names of incoming injured.

Reports: Security Forces attacked to Khomini Hospital to arrest Injurd protesters, It is said at least 30 injurd are there...

Reports: At Least 10 Protesters Shoted By Bassij, Bassij Opend Gunfire to People at Haft Hooz SQ.

2.58 pm. good source: Hospital close to the scene in Tehran: 30-40 dead thus far as of 11pm and 200 injured. Police taking names of incoming injured.

Voice from Iran: Shame on a country in which foreign embassies are safer than hospitals :(

Gunfire Is Hearing From Near Resalat SQ. (East Teharan)


2.47 pm. New footage of fighting in the streets. And another protester is shot.

2.31 pm. Canadians, call your foreign office. It's confirmed Canadian Embassy rejects injured protesters

Australian Embassy reportedly accepting injured
My Friend Wounded At Haft Hooz SQ, No Clinic Is Open!


FB report: shouts of Allah o Akbar in holy city of Mashhad "explosive"

Reports: People Pushed Back Millitas at Gisha St.

2.15 pm.

2.14 pm. :(( eye witness reporting that milita using Ambulances to lure people & then shoot at them near roodaki & azarbayjan st.

WHOLE city is shaking with very loud screams from rooftops. Their loud voices calling only for God is filled with fear, hatred, and hope.

2.13 pm. it comes from every direction. now it's "ya hossein, mir hossein"

2.04 pm. Some attempt at perspective. From what I can tell, the regime has shown a disgusting display of rank violence and murder, but they have not massacred hundreds. The uprising on the streets was also less overwhelming than in previous days, but that's obviously because they knew they could be gunned down. Mousavi is standing firm in demanding a nullification of the election. If the reports of even more intense rooftop shouting are true, then the people of Iran remain determined not to let this moment of democracy be taken from them. So we have the makings of a tense stand-off.

I'm taking a breather, because I need to eat.

2.03 pm. The NYT:

In some places, the protesters pushed back, rushing themilitia in teams of hundreds, pitching at least three basijis fromtheir motorcycles and setting the vehicles on fire. The protestersincluded many women, who even berated as “cowards” men who fled thebasijis.

1.57 pm. I am crying. Iran are crying....

From a source in Tehran: allah akbar just started and it's the most intense yet. so surreal.

RT ASAP! TAKING WOUNDED Portugese Embassy No.30, Nezami St., Abbas Pour St., Valy-e-Asr

Reports: Bassij Millita attacking People at Haft Hooz SQ, Heavy Clashes Just Strated...

1.52 pm.

People Shouting on the roofs, all over the Capital: "Death to the Dictator"!

Getting frustrated at Aljazeera. They say "a man" is being beaten when he's obviously militia captured by people.

Reports: People Blocking Streets at Tehran Pars (East Tehran) and Setting Fires

Reports: At least 5 Protersters Shot Dead By Police, Army Forces and
Milittia in Tehran...

Mass arrest of protesters, about 400 people arrested in today's clashes...

1.47 pm. A reader writes:

Has it occurred to you that all the unbelievable imagery of theprotests is, pixel by pixel, etching itself in the memory of the worldand of course now or later back through the satellite dishes andInternet connections into the brains of all Iranians, as an indeliblerevolutionary iconography that will, over time, supplant therevolutionary mythology of the Republic's founding, on which so much ofthe regime's legitimacy depends? The way I see it, that truly horrificfootage of the conservatively dressed woman bleeding out will do moredamage to Ahmadi and Khamenei than any military strike ever could.  Ithink the old Revolutionary era is ending.

These are moments in history whose salience it is simply impossible to know as they happen. But today has already demonstrated both the total bankruptcy of the current Iranian regime and the immense bravery, humanity and genius of the Iranian people.

1.45 pm. Shiraz erupts.

1.44 pm. Via NIAC, translation of the chants:
“I welcome death
I welcome death
But not subjugation
But not subjugation”

1.42 pm. New footage of the murder of the woman protester. Very very disturbing:

1.36 pm. Kristol and Hayes want Obama to say what the regime now falsely accuses him of saying. No, they won't learn. Their ideology is too rigid for actual judgment and their partisanship too deep to support the president at a moment like this.

1.33 pm. Kevin Sullivan:
"There is a list of embassies in Tehran floating around, as injuredprotesters are being encouraged to go to them instead of hospitals. Thehospitals are very like stocked full of Basijis. Question: If the embassies become overwhelmed, what happens then? In 1906, over 10,000 Persian constitutionalists occupied the Britishembassy in protest of the Qajaris (this was pre-UK hatred, obviously.The Russians were mostly the villains at that time). UK embassy is nowrumored to be accepting the injured. It always seems to come back to the British in Iran."
1.30 pm. Reports: The Girl Who Shot Dead by Bassij, killed at Salehi Cr, At Karegar St.

Reports: People escaping from attacks to some embassies in Tehran...

Reports: Rasht on Fire...

PressTV also showing Youtube footages, reprorting today's Rally!
1.25 pm. Watching this murder of a young woman in the uprising by the Basij, I find it hard to breathe. These fascists need to be brought down:
1.20 pm. Jeff Weintraub:
The Tienanmen moment? Yes and no. Yes, it looks as though the Iranianregimehas decided to crush the protests by force. But in 1989 the Chineseregime seems to have wanted to have a concentrated, visible bloodbathin Tienanmen Square itself (to send a clear message). In thiscrackdown, the Iranian regime seemsto be trying to avoid that.
1.12 pm. confirmed - Riots in Tabriz, Mashad, Isfahan, Ahwaz - Gov using violence

FB reporting some of those arrested reportedly giving false confessions about where they are getting their "orders" from.

eye witness: I saw easily over a hundred Basij with batton between Mirdamad and Vanak and maybe another 50 around Vanak.
1.11 pm. A young woman gunned down. I am struck by the number of women in this uprising.
1.09 pm. Beijing tries hard to keep news of the uprising from their own people.

12.53 pm. The state media are putting words into Obama's mouth:
This morning a friend of NIAC who gets Iranian Satellite TV heresaid that state-run media showed President Obama speaking about Iranthis morning. However, instead of translating what he actually said,the translator reportedly quoted Obama as saying he “supports theprotesters against the government and they should keep protesting." Assuming this report is correct, it shows the Iranian government iseager to portray Obama as a partisan supporting the demonstrators.

So the Khamenei regime wants the same posture from the Obama as Krauthammer and Wolfowitz. They just don't know what they're talking about, do they?

12.50 pm. From this stunning footage, it appears that the riot police have met their match in one area, at least.
12.46 pm. Helicopters did not spray boiling water. It was a type of ACID, similar to what Mojahedeen used in '78-'82.

I feel like I'm in a police state for 1st time. Pple are so pissed,starting to feel scared. As of late aftrnoon Basij are everywhere

RT @oxforgirl I know nothing about Forein Embassies being open for injured

confirmed - Riots in Tabriz, Mashad, Isfahan, Ahwaz - Gov using violence -

source: many people in iran believe the alleged/reported explosion atimam khomeini shrine was to distract attention from the demonstraters

"War going on in South Kargar st. , Tohid Sq., Arya Shahr… in Tohid Sq. people have captured and blown up a police truck"

some govt forces in this area have retreated as a result of people's resistance.

the chanting/slogans directly aimed at the supreme leader

confirmed - riots in Shiraz

Karegar St S - Tohid sq - Arya Shahr - Azadi Sq - Valli Asr Ave/Sq - Are alive with Sea of Green and fighting

People are gathering at Tajrish SQ, Shouting: "Death To Dictatror" and "I will Kill Who Killed My Sister and Brother!"

Continuous Gunfires hearing near Imam Khomeini Hospital Near to Azadi St.

Bassij opened gunfire on people near Sadeghieh, West of Tehran

Reports: Clashes in Ahvaz, South of Iran.
12.44 pm. New photos of Tehran aflame here.
12.41 pm. The Guardian:
"Supporters shouted "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein," as policehelicopters whirred overhead; some in the crowd showed them the victorysign. Some shops in the city closed or placed black cloth over theirdoors as a symbol of condolence. Bazaar workers in Tehran and the cityof Tabriz were reported to be on strike in protest at the electionresult."

12.40 pm. The nation has awoken TODAY - the Sea of Green is marching

12.38 pm.  The photo that was here was not accurate. I've removed it. Apologies.
12.34 pm. A livestream of events can be seen here.
12.31 pm. A reader writes:
Listeningto the video you posted provisionally at 12:13 PM EST - I swear theprevailing chant of that crowd is, "Marg bar Khamenei", or "Death toKhamenei."

As an non-Iranian American, the only investment I canclaim in this week's events is my support for those who seek theirfreedom. I've spent this entire week backing this popular uprising butfearing it would not propogate into a full revolution, then fearingthat the State will manage to either crush or disillusion the peopleinto submission. After watching this video of uncounted thousandscalling for the head of their Supreme Leader, it's no longer possibleto fear either. This is a Revolution.

I do not know.

12.27 pm.

More photos here.

12.21 pm. Sodium metabisulfite Na2S2O5 mixed with water (5% solution) cures CS tear gas. Wash eyes with solution

Deeply concerned on what will happen in the coming hours..

My heart is pounding fast as I'm hearing about dead ppl lying on streets in Tehran

Will chemical warfare B next by the gvmt to kill ppl? Seems they're doing anything 2 stop ppl

Bassij opened gunfire on people near Sadeghieh, West of Tehran.

hospital source - Tehran hospitals report hundreds of casualtys -

Unconfirmed - The Army will not follow orders to kill the people

European embassies reportedly open doors for injured, tell families to take them there.

People of Iran - be ready to take people from the streets tonight and give protection

Tehran is burning with the blood of our Martyrs - The streets are full of dead -

from a source in tehran: As of an hour or 2 ago, I feel like I'm in a police state for the first time.

It's a delicate dance. Life continues to go on, but as of late this afternoon Basij are everywhere.

12.17 pm. Protests seem to have become distributed across city after police did everything it could to prevent one large crowd

mReports: A Mosque at Azarbiajan St. is on the fire..

RT RT Australian Embassy accepting injured: No 13, 23rd Street, Khalid Islambuli Ave - Telephone+98 21 8872 4456

from trusted FB source: Mousavi is reported to be speaking to protesters on Jeyhoon street. He said a few minutes ago:

Reports:At least one Person died at Khomeini Hospital.
12.13 pm. This video shows scenes I haven't seen elsewhere and although it says June 20, I cannot confirm. What makes it seem like today are the black helicopters flying above, something not reported to my knowledge before today. If this is today, it looks as if the people are fighting back. Will try to confirm this video so please watch provisionally. If any of you have any insights into the video's dating, please let me know.
12.12 pm.

12.05 pm. Confirmed: European embassies are giving care for injured! They help care for acid burns. Hospitals are traps!
12.02 pm. Mousavi tells he's bathed [ritually] for martyrdom.
11.51 am. Reports: A Police Post is Burning in 7Tir SQ.

Reports: Bassij Opedn gunfire on People Near Shahrak Sadeghieh, West of Tehran.
11.50 am. The regime's mojo is to fabricate a terror threat from outside to buttress their power-grab at home. Michael Roston:
An Al Jazeera analystsuggests that a Mujahedeen-e-Khalq bomber carried out the attack. Thatwould be convenient because MEK has been constructed as a stand-in forthe Bush administration in Iran since America invaded Iraq. Instead ofshipping MEK, a group that’s on the American list of foreign terroristorganizations, off to Iran for trial, the Bush administration allowedthe Iranian-origin but anti-Islamic Republic group to continue to stayin Iraq, where Saddam Hussein had long ago given the group safe haven.
So, If Iranian officials are suggesting that MEK was involved, it’sa useful rumor to spread because it’s their way of saying, “America andits proxies bombed Iran.”
Also worth pointing out that earlier in the week, the Iranian outlet I quote above reportedthat Iranian authorities had foiled a bomb plot on election day. Theofficials claimed the the group attempting the bombing had confessed toworking for Israel.
11.48 am.

11.47 am. A reader infers the chemical weapon:
Probably CS tear gas crystals mixed in water which is why washing itoff only makes it worse. Mixing it in water like the reports would bethe most efficient usage of the CS agent
11.41 am. NOW / mousavi among people: I am ready for death
Mousavi is giving a speech in jeyhoon street.
"This is street fighting like the first 2 nights. They are chanting death to the dictator now, no slogans about votes anymore"
from a source: A reporter just told me that the riot police officers are more than the demonstrators in a number of streets.
the most intense clash is reported to be happening in AmirAbad street.
11.40 am. Mousavi: I Am Ready For Death.

11.38 am. Via Nico, from VOA:

- "Mahsa from Tehran:I was in the rally today and police forces inAzadi square cruelly killed people and all my body is wounded"

-- "From Iran: I am home since 10 minute and Basij forces and police were killing young people like animals"
11.37 am. From Mackie:

My mom is again stressing that the protesters weretotally peaceful not even chanting when they were attacked. My mom’sfriend said she saw right in front of her that a plain clothes personhit this young man with a baton so hard that the baton broke.

Another friend that lives in Daneshjoo Square (the place theprotests took place) said that plain clothes police came to their homesthis morning and told them they are not allowed to let any of theprotesters seek refuge in their houses or they will be held responsible.

11.33 am. Mousavi is speaking.
11.32 am. In response to the violence of the security forces, people are now beginning to shout “Death to Khamenei”
11.28 am. Some reports of Mousavi on the streets.
11.27 am. Shiraz erupting?
REPORT FROM SHIRAZ: Intense conflict in Alam Square.
Report from source: Mohammad Ghouchani, the editor-in-chief of National Trust newspaper, has been arrested.
5:30 In Khosh Street police is attacking people with batons and pepper spray trying to disperse ppl, shots heard
5:20 A lot of conflict happenning at Kosh St. now 5:26 shooting in Azadi ave. near Gharib!
11.24 am. Chemical warfare?It is not boiling water but something else:
Helicopters spraying water with agent in it onto crowds. Skin irritant, will make it feel as though water is scalding.
11.17 am. I have to say I found the boiling water from helicopters hard to believe. And yet more tweets repeat it:
Two reports coming from Tehran about helicopters pouring boiling water on protesters.
reports of some Iranians protesting with Qurans in their hand.
even at metro station at azadi ppl r beaten up!!!
I should reiterate that all tweets need to be taken provisionally. They are raw, unconfirmed mini-telegrams from the streets of Iran and elsewhere. But the use of the Koran in resisting oppression of this kind, now ocnfirmed all over the place, strikes me as a vital gesture. It puts the lie to the idea that Islam is not, at its core, a religion of peace, however hijacked by the fundamentalists and fascists. It is of a part with the color green and the cries into the night of Allah O Akbar. In this pitched battle, there is also a struggle for the soul of Islam. It is so so heartening to see decent people fighting back to reclaim their faith. Without these Muslims, the world will know no peace.
11.13 am. ppl r not allowed to look out the window if they do their windows r broken
11.11 am From Robert Mackie:

From Shiraz, My mom said the protesters were justwalking in silence from Daneshjoo Square to Eram Square then the plainclothes men on motorcylces started going in the crowd and in the sidewalks and told the crowd to disperse.

When the people didn’t disperse they started shooting in the air. Mymom said that then people dispersed and she doesn’t know if anyone washit or not.

11.08 am. Got A Call: Many People Injured By Police and Milittia Near Tohid SQ.
Eye Witness: At Least 20 injured Protesters transfred to Loghman Hospital in last 30 mins.
Press TV reports the number of casualties of the explosion at Khomeini's shrine to be 8.

11.02 am. The Guardian:

An eyewitness in Enghelab square reports around 20,000 riot police, made up of Basiji militiamen and soldiers, and armed with rifles, tear gas and water cannons. The eyewitness saw dozens of people beaten by riot police in an attempt to frighten them into evacuating the square, with one young man being beaten to the ground by four policemen. The protesters were not wearing the green insignia that signifies support for Mousavi, and were not making victory signs or chanting.The eyewitness reports riot police attacking people on passing motorbikes and, on occasion, innocent passersby who have no way of escaping the heavy police presence. Nonetheless, there are thousands of Mousavi supporters, marching peacefully near the square, where rthey have been subjected to these brutal reprisals from the police. Across Tehran, there is widespread fear and panic, with many desperate to know what is going on in Enghelab square, but unable to find out due to reporting restrictions. Now the question seems to be: what will Mousavi do next?

11.01 am.

10.59 am. From Enghelab Square up to Azadi Square tow helicopters are pouring down boiling water over poeples head
10.57 am. Was the bombing at the Khomeini Mausoleum designed to prevent Mousavi from taking refuge there?
10.53 am. Al Giordano:

What seems to be the government strategy is to have set a wideperimeter of various blocks in each direction around Enghalab Squarewhere demonstrators were to begin their march to Freedom Square. Thereare also multiple Twitter reports of university students beingintercepted and beaten if they leave the campus toward thedemonstration route.

If this is what is happening, it is intended to prevent a critical massof demonstrators from forming all in one place. Together with the housearrest of reporters and ban on images, the police strategy is a mediastrategy: to avoid the photograph or video that shows the magnitude ofthe protest: footage of scattershot crowds trying to get through - orrunning from the shots of - the police blockades simply do not have theemotional weight of images of a unified march.

10.50 am. things are horrible, please pray for us

my young sister has taken to the streets as well she hasn't returned

another friend's arm has broken

one of my friends got smacked so hard she has lost hearing in one ear

basij is even attacking young girls and women

trucks blasting water at the people

some forces are refusing to attack the people, but basij and special forces are attacking people

10.47 am. Reuters: Supporters of Iran'sdefeated presidential candidate Mirhossein Mousavi on Saturday set onfire a building in southern Tehran used by backers of President MahmoudAhmadinejad, a witness said. The witness also said police shot into the air to disperse rival supporters in Tehran's south Karegar street.

10.45 am. Most of the people in the streets are carrying Qurans

The protests have turned very violent in the streets from Enghelab to Azadi, and has been extended to Setar Khan area.

10.44 am. People gathering at Vanak Sq. North of Tehran

10.43 am. More reports of growing resistance to the riot police.

10.42 am. Reports: 1 young man shoot dead near Vali Asar Cr.

People attacking Police near Laleh Park and pushing them back, first inj. transfred to the Khomeini Hospital near the clashes

They shoot at people and take those wounded with their vans.

A cell phone in your hand, looks like a machine gun to guards! They'd arrest you for your phone.

10.40 am.  “I, in the name of a reporter am saying that the bomb at ImamKhomeini shrine was not the work of a terrorist but the work of theregime itself.”
“This type of activity [regime bombing shrines] has a longprecedent. A while back, a bomb exploded at the Imam Reza Shrine inMashhad and some people were killed. They caught someone and made himconfess on television. But later it became clear that the bombing hadbeen the work of the Intelligence Ministry. And now they’re doing thesame thing in order to give an excuse to crush the people.”
“People are throwing stones at the anti-riot police and plain clothes militia”
“Because of the harsh treatment by the plain clothes militia and security forces, protesters are shouting harsher slogans”

10.37 am. Beating back the riot police - fresh footage from Tehran although timing cannot be verified.

10.33 am. Juan Cole on the bombing:

Aljazeera is reporting that  a suicide bomber blewhimself up near the shrine of Imam Khomeini. Hard to interpret, since Idon't take the reformist camp for seedy terrorist types. My guess, ifits true, is Mojahedin-e Khalq or MEK or something very like it (which,if true, would be bad publicity for the reformers, since MEK isuniversally hated in Iran.)

10.32 am. City is closed down with anti-riot forces and police. The people are being beaten with knives, batons. Things are going downhill.

10.29 am Reader translation of video at 9.58 am below:


[Speaking in Azari. Hard to understand.]
Azari1: They put the car on fire.
Azari2: They are putting the car on fire. Like last night.
Farsi1: We will give you the video we are taking right now.
Crowd: God is great. God is great.
Farsi1: Amir come this way. He won't listen. He likes it.
Farsi1: Come this way!

10.28 am. Mirriaam forces dont let ppl use cell phones. they beat anyone with a cell phone in hand :((

10.25 am. No sign of Mousavi. My fear is that without massive crowds convening at once, the regime has the upper hand.

10.24 am. Tehran protesters coming in waves, will go on till dark and beyond. This no longer rally but street fighting.

10.20 am. The state TV is already blaming Mousavi for a suicide terrorist blast at the Khomeini Shrine. So far, we have seen nothing but murderous crassness from the regime. The huge vote-rigging; the extreme sermon; the thousands of police and Basijis on the streets; the deployment of terrorism as a pretext for more government brutality. These people are theo-fascists, and this is now the front line against theo-fascism.

10.16 am. Amirabad was closed of my plain clothes basij, tear gas was used
50-60 basij bikers were present . the amount of people were 2000 in that area due to blockages of roads

10.10 am. letter from mousavi possibly in an hour, according to one fb entry

some protesters reportedly taking refuge at tehran university.

Clashes at Tohid SQ, people being broken into smaller groups

More gunfire Azadi St, Near Jamalzadeh...

Police forces completely shut down Karegar Shomaly St.

10.06 am. Appears plain clothes police in Vanak Square are mostly 15-16 year olds.

10.02 am. Shooting directly to the people in Azadi ST

special guards confronted with people, attacked them with baton dispersed them into small alley ways

10.01 am. The streets:

9.58 am. Raw fresh footage from BBC in Farsi here.

Translations requested.

9.55 am.  About 3000 or 4000 people are in Enqelab square now. Police is there. No Khatami, no Karroubi, no Mousavi

Fars news agency published a fake statement from Rafsanjani which invites ppl to stop protesting

watching state TV to see what is happening. Nothing in it... Internet is too slow... Satellite is full of state parasite.

I've seen fascism today. Full gear riot police, para-military forces with UZIs, 12yrs childs with e-battons and sprays.

9.53 am. gunshots have started, being fired into the air.

gas brought tears went. I went to the Laleh Park

9.52 am. Ann Curry makes shrewd point that only the state media is reporting the blast.

9.50 am. The bomb is a classic Iranian trick. Excuse to crack down. 

9.47 am. Blast is Gov Plot. Tomorrow's' Gov Talking Points = "We are fighting terrorist, like you".

9.45 am. A reader writes: "I'm keeping in touch with my relatives in Tehran. They have heard about the bomb blast at the Khomeini mausoleum. People say that this is most likely the government. The mullahs did something similar in August 1978 in Iran - They set a cinema in Abadan ablaze and blamed the Shah. That was the turning point of that revolution as the people began to see the Shah as ruthless."

9.37 am. Of course my first thoughts about the reports from the Khomeini shrine is that this is a classic fascist move. It's their burning of the Reichstag - a cover for the coming purge. Again: the Big Lie is the one they could be choosing. Who would believe that the Supreme Leader would bomb Khomeini's shrine? And it's timed to disorient the protesters. Of course, this is pure speculation on my part, and there could be any number of explanations. But it would fit the fascist nature of this coup perfectly.

9.35 am. If there was an explosion, it was done by Gov. Part of effort to construe protests as violent.

9.34 am. People chant: "Seyed Ali Pinoshe, Iran won't be Chili", "Death to this decieving gvnmt". "I will kill who killed my brother"

9.30 am. Reports of some kind of bomb blast at the Imam Khomeini Mausoleum. Is the regime itself now bombing shrines to blame on the uprising? Or is this something else entirely?

9.29 am. If you stop schedule protest, you will get unscheduled fighting.9.26 am. Live-blogging from Shoreesh:

A lot of conflict happenning at Kosh St. now
shooting in Azadi ave. near Gharib!
InKhosh Street police is attacking people with batons and pepper spraytrying to disperse people, shots can be heard around Azadi
They are throwing Teargas constantly people: down with khamene'i
Heavy clashes on azadi street, chants of death to khamene'i,The street is full of rocks and fire!
Voice of shooting in Azadi street...
police using tear gas, water cannons to disperse thousands of protesters in Tehran,They are beating "people" in Enghelab St., not only the protesters!
people are trapped between Behboodi and Enghelaab

people are trapped between Behboodi & Enghelaab. gunshots being fired into the air...
2,000 to 3,000 protesters at Tehran University!
Enghelab street is fulll of people between ghods st. and Enghelab square
So Hard conflict in Azadi ST
Intense clash in Enghelab
Houses in alleys opening doors to injured protestors,hallway is full of beaten people!

Police have closed off Tehran University
Two bomb blasts in Tehran
Many of people arrested

9.18 am. CNN: Thousands of people attempting to enter Tehran protest site have been blocked by heavily armed police, eyewitness says.

9.16 am.. Reuters: Protesters have been dispersed with teargas ... smoke was rising over Enghelab (Revolution) Square, a witness said.

9.14 am AP: Witnesses: police using tear gas, water cannons to disperse thousands of protesters in Tehran.

9.12 am via Nico.

-- "HARD conflict between the people and the Special Guard. people: down with khamenee"

-- "Heavy clashes on azadi street, chants of death to khameni! The street is full of rocks and fire."

-- "Voice of shooting in Azadi street in Tehran"

9.08 am. Confirmed: People are walking from Keshavarz and Fatemi toward Enghelab Sq.

Unconfirmed: Mousavi and couple of others are driving (walking not sure) toward Enghelab Sq from Jomhouri intersection

8.51 am. This photo is making the rounds. Reports are coming in of the first clashes as riot police try to prevent access to all the main squares.

5153_101309279879841_100000023082480_35162_5011676_n (1)