Iran Blogging

The Lede continues to be stellar. A few highlights:

Reuters reports that an official in Iran’s Culture Ministry told the news agency: “No journalist has permission to report or film or take pictures in the city.”


Iran’s Press TV reports that the authorities are arresting some opposition leaders, accusing them of “orchestrating the post-election violence.” 


[Tehran Bureau reports that] "Ahmadinejad’s supporters announced that they will march from Vali-Asr to Vanak, at the same time as Mousavi’s supporters. A violent clash is expected and because of it Mousavi’s campaign is trying to reach to as many people as possible to cancel their event."

Michael Totten is also doing a fine job keeping abreast the latest developments. Check out his most recent posts here. Money quote:

I will never forget the similar line peddled about Lebanese in March and April of 2005. I was there when the “March 14” revolution was in full swing, and I heard from even some Western expats who lived in Beirut that the demonstrators were mostly liberal and “bourgeois” Christians from the “Gucci” class.

It was wrong, and it was contemptible.