An update from Victoria Nelson:

I’m not trying to make excuses for HHS. I’m frustrated too. Every day I try to answer the question, “when will the ban be lifted?” for other lawyers and individuals affected by the ban and I hate not having a definite answer. Everything we’re hearing is that the proposed regulations will come out soon and that they will say what we want them to say. It’s hard to fight an agency that we believe is on our side. On the other hand, there are real people who are suffering under this ban every day, unable to visit loved ones, and counting the expiring days on their non-immigrant visas hoping that they can file for permanent residence before the clock runs out. The honeymoon is coming to an end; it’s time to issue the regulations.

But try getting any answer on the record from the Obama administration. I'd say at his point: trust but verify. But at this point, the trust has gone.

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