AL, along with much of the liberal blogosphere, is gloomy:

I'm starting to get very pessimistic about the prospect of meaningful health care reform ever happening. We have a popular Democratic President who was elected less than a year ago with a mandate to reform health care and a very clear plan for doing so. We have large Democratic majorities in both houses, including a soon-to-be 60 seat majority in the Senate. The public is massively in favor of comprehensive health care reform. And yet, the Democrats seem to lack the will to even get a meaningful bill out of committee. Ezra Klein reports that the Senate Finance Committee has now dropped the public option from its bill and scaled back the bill significantly. The new plan is relies on government-seeded health care "co-ops" to provide more options to consumers. Remarkably, the plan still contains a mandate to buy coverage (along with subsidies for those who can't afford the cost).

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