Have Harry and Louise Left The Building?

A health reform bill is due out any day now. Kaiser Health News surveys the opposition. Here's Robert Helms of AEI:

Right now, it’s hard to see if there’s going to be any sort of organized resistance to this despite what a few of us think tankers say…(The lightning rod issues) will be the public plan, you know, this notion of Medicare for all, and the employer mandate will probably be more of an issue for the business sector than the individual mandate. But, still, both of those have the potential. And, then there is just the broader economic issue of how to fund this and what it does to the debt.

Geoff Garin, Democratic pollster:

The Republicans wrote their talking points before the Democrats wrote their plan and we already know they're going to make the same attack they made against health care, health reform in '93 or '94, even though we’re not talking about a plan that looks like '93 or '94. So it's all going to be about 'government-run health care.' … They're going to be making a 16-year-old-argument against something that is very different from the plan of 16 years ago