Grains Of Salt

Sonny Bunch urges caution when reading reports from Iran:

What all of these first person missives are missing is context. I’m thrilled that the Iranian people are finally fed up with what they’ve seen from their government (and again, Andrew’s doing the lord’s work by passing all this stuff along). But it’d be really, really unwise to read too much into what’s happening before we have someone on the ground filling in the gaps who doesn’t have a vested interest in the result of this revolution.

We've said as much today. Jason Zengerle gets an e-mail from a friend:

The funny thing is, having read all the crazed twitters today, I actually have less of an idea of what’s going on in Iran.  It’s almost like you need people whose job it is to take conflicting data in a dangerous part of the world and make sense of it.  We could call them reporters…