So it doesn't really have to make sense. Mudflats notes this classic - after her bragging about the glories of appropriating natural resources and sending checks to citizens as an example of boot-straps capitalism:

Hannity: …The price of oil is going up again.  It’s not quite at $140 a barrel, but it’s on its way up to $70 and $80…

Palin:  Yeah, well and I thank God it’s not at $140.  You know people say, “Hey, Alaska!  85% of your state budget is based on the price of a barrel of oil.  Aren’t you glad the price is going up?”    I say, “No!”  The fewer dollars that the state of Alaska government has, the fewer dollars we spend.  And that’s good for our families and for the private sector.

No, she isn't running for governor again, is she?

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