Just listen to this:

BARNES: then when you see, you know Obama has used the most pathetic thing is to say, gee, well, we were involved in 1953 1953! This is an extremely young society. You think those demonstrators are thinking, well, we hope the U.S. stays out because they were involved in 1953? That's total nonsense.

POWERS: I think there is a history there.

BARNES: 1953?

POWERS: They do remember the United States meddling.

BARNES: No, they don't.

The way in which Fred just projects his own cultural biases onto a country and a culture he doesn't understand ... well, it reminds you of the Bush administration, doesn't it? I've no doubt Fred wants the good guys to win in Iran; he just doesn't understand he's hurting, not helping. The photo is of a poster in Iran last week showing Mousavi and Mossadegh with the words: "We won't let history repeat itself." Stephen Kinzer's piece on Iran's memory of its abuse by America is here.

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