A reader writes:

I'm sorry that your blog doesn't allow open comments or a more direct mode of interaction, because I would like to express sincere support and condolences to the women who have passed on their difficult and heart-rending stories with regards to procreation and its difficulties.  If you won't, I would like to. I hope, even as a cold statistic, this support might get through to them.

I am immensely grateful to those readers who have shared such personal, painful experiences with such candor and open hearts. I have to say that I remain somewhat shaken by the emails - many of which we didn't publish. They reminded me of the human beings behind these tragedies, and forced me to reassess my own certainties and beliefs. I still cannot in good conscience support these abortions; but I can offer my profound gratitude for the readers who have forced this blogger to see things I had not fully grasped so keenly before; and to return to them respect and empathy in the particulars, even while we may disagree in the abstract.

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