A reader writes:

The MSM does not consist of the three cable networks and NO ONE ELSE. In this post-modern media ecology, it includes the Beeb, NPR, AP, Reuters, AFP, ABC News (which had great coverage), CBS Radio (which had great coverage), the New York Times (which had superb coverage), the photo wires (the bravest of the journalists) and others.... let's get outside of the cable news mindset for just a moment... and appreciate the surplus of great journalists working their asses off to get the story.

And -- here's the thing: we can appreciate the MSM, we can criticize the cablers, and we can ALSO point to the fantastic collective work of blog aggregators and Iranian twitters. Why use the success of one medium to devalue another?

Since I don't listen to radio or have a television up here on the Cape, I can't judge this range of outlets. My readers have all declared cable news useless. One is furious at NPR. But obviously the NYT has been great; and the photo wires spectacular. Olivier Laban-Mattei of AFP and Getty should get a prize. There will be time for a media post-mortem later.

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