Deeds vs. The Clintonite

DiA checks in on today's election:

Seven months ago, convinced that the other candidates in the race were beatable, Terry McAuliffe, the long-time Democratic Party fixer and friend of the Clintons, announced a run. He bought $7m worth of ads and campaign staff. (This video, demonstrating what that much money can buy, has to be seen to be believed.) He surged ahead in the polls. And then he collapsed behind Creigh Deeds, a state senator with virtually no money. If Mr McAuliffe loses today, it'll be a knock against the theory that anyone can buy an election and...A defeat for Mr McAuliffe would close the door on the electioneering aspect of Clintonism. Bill Clinton, who's rather busy nowadays, came to Virginia multiple times to stump for his old fundraiser. If it doesn't work, it's a sure sign that his party really has moved on.