CNN Redeems Itself?

I have no TV up here (who needs it?) but this blogger says that the once-mighty news network is regaining its mojo:

After taking it on the chin from the blogosphere for several days, it’s time to applaud CNN.  Last weekend, CNN was basically dead air on Iran.  This weekend the full power of CNN is on display, in what amounts to a team effort to duplicate what only Andrew Sullivan and Nico Pitney have done from their laptops up to now.  Nothing was stopping CNN from doing exactly what Andrew and Nico did, but they were caught flat-footed.  Today, they are in a groove.

Unlike Andrew and Nico, CNN has what appears to be half a dozen people at its “Iran desk”, translating Farsi, working to confirm, contacting people in Iran - i.e., doing what reporters are supposed to do.  Added to this is the normal line up of top tier A-list experts and analysts, except now they are free to comment on what we have all been seeing online, because CNN is reporting it, too.  Imagine what CNN has going on behind the scenes if they put this much of their process on the air.
CNN has turned a corner before our eyes.  They’ve adapted to the new media environment, perhaps slowly, but deliberately and institutionally.  With this new approach, it is quite likely that CNN will break the biggest developments going forward, for the simple fact that CNN is a massive organization with huge resources at its disposal to report truth, and is now oriented forward, rather than backward.