Checkbooks With Benefits

John Aravosis isn't placated by Obama giving federal benefits to gay government employees. And the benefits aren't all that new:

First problem, federal agencies already have the right to provide these benefits to gay employees -- and several, including at least one DOD agency, do. Second problem, the administration can’t tell us exactly which benefits they’re talking about and for which employees. That’s because this was all hastily thrown together after the incestuous and pedophilic gays nearly brought down a Democratic National Committee gay pride fundraiser scheduled for next week. A gay blogger got hold of the event’s guest list and published it, and once D.C.’s gay paper, the Washington Blade, announced that it would be staking out the entrance to the event with camera and video, the $1,000 a head attendees started dropping like flies.

In other words, the only reason we're getting anything: The gay ATM ran dry.

Jennifer Vanasco has more. So does Box Turtle. Watching the way the Obama administration has compketely messed up its relationship with the gay community and our allies and friends is painful. They are cut off, not communicating well, and their contempt for this civil rights movement is palpable. Obama, guided by Emmanuel, has become Clinton, reeking of fear. And this kind of pathetic sop - obviously flung together at the last minute to placate an enraged constituency, only enraging them more - is terrible politics. The blame extends, of course, to the Congress as well. But we expected better. And the HIV ban remains in place. From this morning's Seattle Times: