A reader writes:

I really hate to be the one to point it out, but unless I'm missing something the date range for the Alaska federal spending vs taxes paid chart is 1981 to 2005. So it does not include any data from Sarah Palin's time as governor. Correct?

I e-mail Conor to let him defend himself. He writes:

I do say on the chart that the data here only goes through 2005 (which isn't because I want to avoid her tenure; as I say, it's just the most recent data available). The point of the chart isn't that Sarah Palin is responsible for the growth in per capita federal spending that goes to Alaska (although Palin sure hasn't done anything to resist it). The point of the chart is that the governor of Alaska -- which more than any other state is dependent on federal spending -- should be the last person to lecture the country about how genuine, industrious Americans succeed and fail of their own accord.

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