Politico reports that Democrats are planning to air attack ads over the Fourth of July against vulnerable GOP candidates who voted against the $100-plus billion war supplemental for Iraq and Afghanistan, "emulating GOP attacks against John Kerry and other Dems who voted against Bush war bills." David Corn vents:

[D]oes anyone give a damn about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? At the presidential news conference earlier this week, not a single reporter asked President Barack Obama about either war. This week there's been a series of deadly bombings in Iraq, killing about 200 people--as US forces prepare to withdraw from Iraqi cities. This horrific violence has received little media attention in the United States. And when was the last time you saw a full report on the war in Afghanistan on television? There's an important presidential campaign under way in Afghanistan. Its outcome could have a big impact on the US war effort there. Yet, it registers barely a blip on the US media landscape. (At Mother Jones, we post a daily "We're Still at War Photo of the Day.")

So can Democrats score points by whacking Republicans in Rove-ian fashion for "not supporting the troops"? Unfortunately, I don't have much time to ponder this; a report on Michael Jackson's autopsy is coming up after the next commercial.

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