I asked for it. A reader writes:

In regard to 70's childhood wardrobe. I got ya' all beat. Four words. Ring Bearer, PLAID Tux. Social services should have intervened.


I can go your reader one better. I not only had that baby blue suit (or a close fascimile) in the 1970s, but I STILL have it. Haven't worn it in about 25 years. Mine has a vest, and a blue polyester tie, and a synthetic shirt with fake pearl buttons that snapped together, and a motif of little, sparkly, blue and pink and purple flowers. I still have that, too. It was my first suit in high school, in 1976 or 1977. I wore it to church, to Model United Nations sessions, to high school social activities, and to freshman and sophomore year college events. I'm immensely entertained to see the style appearing again. I wore that suit during my first dance with a girl three decades ago.
Now that it's back in fashion, maybe I should get it dry cleaned and wear it to dance with my husband at our 20th anniversary this year.

Just burn it, okay?

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