Bloodshed At Baharestan Square

"I see many ppl with broken arms/legs/heads - blood everywhere - pepper gas like war...

ppl run into alleys and militia standing there waiting - from 2 sides they attack ppl in middle of alleys...

saw 7/8 militia beating one woman with baton on ground - she had no defense nothing -... so many ppl arrested - young & old - they take ppl away"

just in from Baharestan Sq - situation today is terrible - they beat the ppls like animals

Ppl gathered in Baharestan but police & plain cloths don’t let the core of the rally to form.

- Persiankiwi and other tweeters.

These shards of news - posted by Mackey and Nico - have an echo in Khamenei's increasingly intransigent statements and far right candidate Mohsen Rezaie's withdrawal from contesting the results:

In a letter to the Guardian Council, the leading electoral oversight body, Mr. Rezai said the current “political, social and security situation has entered a sensitive and decisive phase, which is more important than the election,” Press TV, state television’s English-language satellite broadcaster, said. The letter was sent to the secretary of the Guardian Council, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, the broadcaster said on its Web site.