A reader writes:

I just can’t get this Tiller story out of my mind, especially the parallels between Tiller and Theo van Gogh’s murder in the Netherlands. Both men were victims of extreme religious ideology. Both of their killers belonged to religious and nationalist movements, both victims of terror. You were all over the van Gogh story, so it is nice to see you not letting up on the Tiller story. I just can’t see the difference in the hate and bile spewed by Fox News and the Far Right over this issue compared to the anger in the muslim world about a Mohammed cartoon.

One has to wonder if a documentarian here in the US made a film about Tiller’s plight if they would soon become a target of Operation Rescue and their ilk. Can you practice free speech on this issue? Tiller is our van Gogh, and I only hope that instead of just lamenting his loss we can use this time to spotlight the domestic terrorism that caused this to occur.

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