A Personal Shooting

Mark Blumenthal has a must-read on his father-in-law, a Holocaust survivor, who visited the Holocaust museum once a year. He never asked for a ticket:

The lines were long, and it was not obvious which line we needed to stand in.

Pop was having none of it. He walked away from me and wandered up to the museum staffer standing at the head of the long line leading to the elevators that takes all visitors to the museum exhibits. I thought for a moment that Pop was going to ask directions. I was wrong.

He thrust out his arm in the direction of the staffer, displaying the number the Nazis tattooed on his arm at Auschwitz just a few inches from her face. Without making eye-contact and barely breaking stride, Pop kept walking. Understandably, the staffer barely blinked. She didn't make a move to stop him.

Read the whole thing to see the link to today's vile piece of anti-Semitic violence.