The times demand it. Hewitt calls on the media to pick up the story:

If the Iranian people have the courage of the electorates in Ukraine, Lebanon and Philippines, this could be the week that the three decades of Islamist terror export begins to unravel.  All of western media should be focusing every resource at its disposal on the election fraud and Khamenei's and Ahmadinejad's resort to brutal thuggery against the Iranian people.  At Denver's airport this morning I was amazed that coverage was at a minimum on CNN.  Like the revolutions of 1989 in Europe, the next few days could have enormous consequences for the world for decades to come.

Hugh and I can join forces on this one. This is an immense story of human freedom in a critical part of the world. After Obama's election, it is the biggest event in world history this year. And letting these courageous protestors know that we are with them is vital. Telling the world of their integrity and bravery against the thuggery of these theocratic despots is God's work. The blogosphere can lead the way, but the MSM is catching on. The NYT's Lede blog has been excellent.

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