A Bazaar Strike?

Via persiankiwi, Mousavi seems to be calling for a new direction with the demonstrations:

Mousavi - We will not expend any more energy talking to the Gov in the streets - we must change course #Iranelection breaking news RT RT RT

Mousavi - From Today every morning at 9am WE ALL travel to Tehran Bazaar - whatever reaction from Gov - Bazaar will close

Mousavi - stop all work and travel with friends & family toward Tehran Bazaar every day at 9am

Mousavi - do NOT wear green - dress normally - bring your children - if stopped u are ONLY going shopping

Mousavi - the objective is to bring Tehran to standstill - millions of people go shopping but NOBODY SHOPPING

Mousavi - There is nothing to fear - if asked - YOU ARE ONLY GOING SHOPPING

Mousavi - no matter what the reaction of the Gov - the Bazaar will close or be at standstill

Mousavi - http://bit.ly/fmvIZ - #Iranelection RT RT RT