"Twitter Fraud"


The British Foreign Ministry spoke directly to the British Ambassador in Tehran who said that the reports of the British Embassy taking in injured were incorrect. I would say fraudulent. Iranian authorities supporting Ahmadenijad and Ayatollah Khamenei have been trying to blame the domestic turmoil on foreign governments. And one could imagine that even "taking in" those injured in a domestic crisis would be considered by the Iranian government as meddling.

On one hand, I was impressed by the Brits taking in the injured and thought it was a brave thing to do. Then, on the other, more privately -- I thought to myself that such an action could be twisted by the Iranian government and have serious diplomatic consequences. So, I don't know who was misreporting on the Embassy issue -- and don't know if other Embassies are or are not taking in injured victims of state aggression. All I know for certain is that what was reported on Twitter is in part false -- and that the British Embassy is not accepting injured people from the protests through its doors. This intriguing story could be a case of "twitter fraud."