"This Spirit Of 'Obamaism'"

A fascinating interview with professor David Menashri, Director of the Center for Iranian Studies and Dean of Special Programs at Tel Aviv University. Money quote:

Pulse: What will this mean to President Obama's proposed dialogue with Iran?

Menashri: Since Mr. Obama made his offer of dialogue when Ahmadinejad was president, the fact that he has been re-elected per-se should not necessarily cause second thoughts. However, the basis of legitimacy that Ahmadinejad had until one week ago is definitely not the same as he has today. Washington is now facing a President whose election is called into question by the children of the revolution themselves. It should be also remembered, that these are people who were indirectly encouraged by the emergence to the presidency of Barack H. Obama last November and adopted his call: "Yes We Can." This spirit of "Obamaism" made the radical regime scared and concerned and gave the reformist elements heart and encouragement. Given the developments of the last few days, the proposed Washington dialogue with Iran is more problematic than it was a week ago and Mr. Obama will have to carefully calculate his policy vis-à-vis Iran.