The Boston Globe profiles one of the best blogs to pop up during the crisis:

The website is called Tehran Bureau, but it is not housed in the Iranian capital. It’s edited from [Kelly Golnoush] Niknejad’s parents’ living room in Newton. “Everybody thinks this is some kind of extensive bureau, but it’s just me,’’ Niknejad said yesterday as she sat alone at a small round table, tapping on one of two Apple PowerBooks.

Tehran Bureau is leading a virtual surge of information from Iran as the Islamic republic confronts the biggest set of public outpourings and protests since the Iranian Revolution 30 years ago. "It’s kind of The Huffington Post of Iran,’’ said Robin Wright, a veteran diplomatic journalist who is now a scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington. Tehran Bureau, Wright said, “has offered a whole new dimension to covering Iran, which is off-limits to many journalists, and to most publications.’’

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