"The Forces Working To Destroy The Planet Earth"

Matt Steinglass wants people to shut up and get on board with cap and trade:

There was a time for the parsing of arguments over the relative merits of carbon taxes and cap-and-trade, over whether 100% or 50% or 10% auction of carbon permits was acceptable, and so forth. But the hour of geeky wonkitude is past. Now we are where we are. This is the bill we have. The question is whether it will go through or not. That’s the only question. If the bill fails, it will mean victory has gone to those forces who are quite literally working to destroy Planet Earth. That is all that is happening here. There is no room here for skeptics and doubters and cavillers and doomsday-morning quarterbacks. This is it. The bill is on the table. You pass it or you don’t. And if it’s not tough enough to save the world, you come back again next year and the year after and the year after that and fight to make it tougher.