A reader writes:

Let me start by saying I'm one cynical motherfucker. I make Woody Allen look like Regis Philbin. Having said that, after the election of Obama I was geared up and ready to tackle anything. I wanted to get out and do my part to help turn the mess that this country has become around. I suppose I could still do all those things, and don't need a functioning government in DC to help my fellow man out, but after weeks and now months of getting cold, pond-scum infested water poured over me and the entire system I'm back to where I was before the election.

The Republican party and the far right has done everything they can to sabotage any earnest attempt made by Obama and his administration. It's one thing to be a honest opposition, but when you have the most viewed cable news channel devoting 24 hours a day to lying and misrepresenting every issue or topic that comes up you wonder why we fight on. We have a MSM that can't even sift through a coherent political discussion because most the clowns they bring on are clueless and filled with an agenda from the get-go.

I wonder if Obama knew the devious nature of the establishment he was going to be up against.

I think he did. And I think he really didn't want us to give up after six months.

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