You Ask, We Deliver

A reader writes:

I love your blog. I love the fact that you aren’t letting Obama off the hook. I love (and appreciate and respect) the focus on torture. And, the focus on the recession. And, the economy. And marriage and queers in the military. I love all that.

But, I need more gay. It’s May. It’s been a long year already, at the end of another long year. I need ABBA or something FABULOUS or SICK or even a freakin’ show tune. I need more gay please, especially on a Friday.

Hmm. How about glamour bear Azis, "Bulgaria’s answer to Madonna, Michael Jackson, Boy George, Liberace, and Marilyn Manson all rolled into one colossal glitter-dusted, KY-oozing jelly roll"?

Music video after the jump: