Two Reynolds Nits

He is right, of course, about long-term fiscal crisis. But he's surely wrong to blame Obama for the debt in 2009  - "I wonder how things could have come to such a pass?" - and the huge unfunded liabilities that loom in the future because of Bush's entitlement spending spree. For good measure, he offers only one option to save money - stop sending stimulus checks to dead people (well, one, actually). Yeah, that will do it. I mean: really.

Then he plays a neat little trick by accusing critics of Carrie Prejean's and Sarah Palin's opposition to civil marriage equality of inconsistency: "When Obama believes it, it’s not bigotry." Again, he's not wrong in decrying some of the nasty stuff thrown at a beauty queen for a political/moral position; and he's not wrong in saying that Obama opposes civil marriage for gay couples. But there is surely a difference between supporting a federal marriage amendment to strip gay couples of all formal rights, as Palin does, and Obama's position in supporting full civil unions with all the state and federal benefits of civil marriage.

Nits duly picked.