Thinking About Sarah

A reader writes:

First things first. I do not like this woman - politically. As most, I thought she was a joke of a choice for McCain who clearly decided he was going to be bought and sold by the Rovians.

When I first started watching this video my very negative feelings about this woman started rising up all over again.

There is something quite disturbing about her (although Michelle Bachmann makes Sarah seem oh-so normal) and I have such a deep seated distrust of whatever comes out of her mouth. It's all such bullshit.


The more this clip went on, the more I found myself believing her. I must admit that I did find convincing - and touching - her thoughts of aborting the fetus upon learning that the child would have Down's Syndrome. In fact, I found it to be the most sincere thing that I ever heard come out of her mouth since she hit the national forum. I still cannot stomach the woman's policies, the way she tries to bring her intolerant religious beliefs into the public square, etc. But for the first time it appeared to me that she actually kept it real.

I'd be curious to know your opinion.

That's why I felt I should post it, even though it's now old news and got swallowed up by the other news at the time. It is the first time she's spoken about this that seemed real to me (however politically convenient) - and I felt it important for the readers of this blog to see that. It has stayed with me since I saw it.

On the issue of abortion, I'm struck by how powerful and transformative the pro-choice-pro-life position is, if you see what I mean. To choose to have a child when society and convenience would allow you another option without stigma is a powerful, beautiful statement. In that sense, it is the most pro-life stance imaginable.

But if abortion were criminalized, who would ever really have the choice to take it?