The Weekend Wrap

Over the weekend the Washington Post called for the release of the OPR report on Yoo, Bybee et al. and the Salt Lake Tribune called for Bybee's bench. Cheney appeared in full panic mode and even seemed ready to drag Bush with him. We also huddled around the idea of Dem accountability on the torture program.

Among the bloggers, McWhorter, Saletan, and Millman tried to navigate the minefield of race and merit. E.D. Kain returned to the bike helmet debate, Car Zimmer looked at brains, Taibbi defended agnosticism, and I examined the evolution of God.

On a lighter note, we came across the world's greatest beer pong players, discovered some amazing David Lynch mashups, and found hundred-year-old writings on the fetishizing of beards. Also, in case you missed it on Friday, we picked a cover for our photo book.