The Weekend Wrap

by Chris Bodenner

Over the weekend the Dish covered Obama witnessing at Notre Dame, his co-opting of Huntsman, Pelosi's plummeting in the polls, Steele's stigmatizing of gays, and Robert Draper's unveiling of Rumsfeld. We also looked at how the government bastardizes web culture, how artists interpret porn, and how coffeemakers create art. We ran a recession view, missives from the end of gay culture and Catholic culture, and a moving paean against homophobes.

Andrew had a busy weekend of blogging before his break; he defended his passion on the torture issue, tore into Kristol's latest hackery, picked apart a Christianist's denial of torture, and reflected upon his conservatism to an inquiring reader. But above all, he composed a sweeping argument for how Obama is slowly but decisively undermining the Dark Side.

And speaking of Cheney, be sure to also check out Andrew's latest column and yesterday's appearance on Chris Matthews.